“Springboard for greater things to come”

Following is the speech delivered by President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants – Grenada Branch, Henry Joseph, FCCA on June 4, 2006 at the conclusion of a week of activities for local accountants


Henry Joseph

Henry Joseph

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and we are pleased that so many of you have taken the time to join the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Caribbean – Grenada Branch as we celebrate what could be described as an all-encompassing week of activities.

Initially there was some apprehension because of the low level of registration for the various seminars, but tonight I can say with pride that attendance exceeded our expectations. Thank you all very much. I feel confident that when the numbers are collated we will be in a position to honour all our commitments.

Some may ask why an organisation with only thirty-five (35) members would undertake such a task. Firstly, we wanted the public to know that we exist. We also wanted to demonstrate that we have theorganisational skills to make this venture a success and most of all we wanted to give the business sector an opportunity to get exposure to a number of current issues – Good governance and transparency. In fact the theme for the week was “Shifting the paradigm – promoting good governance”.

The over eighty business and professional persons who attend the session on GOOD GOVERNANACE would attest to the fact that their expectations were exceeded at those lectures. For those in the accounting field it was also a means of obtaining continuing professional education without having to travel abroad at exorbitant costs.

This start therefore is the springboard for greater things to come. We all understand the difficulty of organising seminars and events generally. The holding of a week of activities is not an easy one as committed and dedicated persons are an essential part of the process.

Volunteerism comes with dedicated service and hard work as the burden usually falls on the shoulders of a few. Notwithstanding these limitations we will persevere.

Aaron and his team did an outstanding job – Thank you all very much ladies and gentlemen.

Of course we want to continue to take the necessary steps to expose our organisation to the general public. We know that it is an uphill task but feel confident that before too long we will get there.

Our numbers continue to grow as we seek to attract all those persons who are members of the various overseas institutes. The records show that there are approximately seventy professional accountants on the island and hopefully the vast majority will come to recognise the benefits to be derived from participating in the organization.

We do believe that as a group we can make a significant impact on the regulatory framework in our country. Accountants must of necessity make their voices heard as they seek to influence the path of development of the island. We also have the contacts that would facilitate due diligence in short order.

We also are satisfied that we possess the skill and the technical knowledge to shape the course of development. A single voice will have little or no impact on policy issues. We are however convinced that as a body we can offer assistance that may not now be available.

As we go forward therefore we are hoping that those in the Executive branch will recognise our abilities and make use of it. We are not about challenging the status quo but to provide sound professional advice. After all we offer advice to the largest businesses on the island.

ICAEC – Grenada branch was enacted as a legal entity in 2010.

Somewhat behind islands like St. Kitts and Antigua. Six years may seem a long time but in fact we have just begun to advance the main functions of the ICAEC. Over the years of our existence we have organised a number of training sessions and have endeavoured to provide creative opportunities for our members.

Nevertheless we believe we can do more. We are seriously considering having a Secretariat not only to assist members but also to lend a helping hand to students and persons who want to make Accounting a career. Current economic conditions are also a major limiting factor in driving our work.

We are however emboldened by the support received not only from corporate sponsors but also from all those who gave of their time and effort either as facilitators or as participants. We promise that the next one will be bigger and better.

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