Police clean “The Stones” at the St George’s Bus Terminus

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has conducted another community policing act as the members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) engaged in a clean up campaign of the St George’s Bus Terminus.

Bags of rubbish retrieved from the stones

Bags of rubbish retrieved from the stones

A number of CID officers along with a handful of bus men were seen retrieving garbage from the area known as The Stones – the spot where bus drivers and conductors alike go to have lunch and socialise.

This initiative was an activity held by the CID in acknowledgement of Police Week 2016, which is held under the theme: Embracing those who served; United, to keep Grenada safe.

Second in charge of the CID, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Earl Dunbar told reporters last week Wednesday that the initiative is part of the non-traditional policing of the Police Force.

“The bus terminus is the hub where thousands of commuters would meet their connection with transport to get to their respective destinations and as a result their first line of contact will be the bus drivers and conductors who also have a responsibility in selling the idea of cleanliness”, he said.

CID Officers in action cleaning the area

CID Officers in action cleaning the area

According to the senior police officer, the commuters are the ones who can disseminate the information on the issue of the cleanliness to the villagers in their communities.

He said RGPF is trying to spread the idea of safety and one of the ways of keeping Grenada safe is promoting healthy living through cleanliness.

“…As a result the department and by extension the force wants to encourage persons to keep their environment, villages and communities clean in order to alleviate the outbreak of diseases”, he added.

ASP Dunbar made mention of Mosquito borne diseases like Chikungunya and Zika, saying that the disease can be spread by rats, and that leptospirosis can be fatal to the human being.

He encouraged bus drivers, conductors and commuters to make use of the bins that are strategically placed at the bus terminus for the collection of garbage.

A bus driver known as “Marcus” who plies the Mt Moritz bus route complimented the CID officers for taking the initiative to promote cleanliness at the bus terminus.

“We really appreciate the fact that the police are here. However, it’s sort of difficult that you are not seeing so many busmen who are responsible mostly for the garbage here and it is simply because of the modus operation…”, he said.

“…What has been happening in relation to the back of the terminus is that the only place where bus men sit down and relax and when they sit and relax, most of them would eat here and leave the container just where they eat…men continue to throw their garbage in the stone simply because that’s where they are”, he added.

CID-GarbageAnother bus driver, working on the Grand Anse route, Dexter Francis also welcomed the actions of the officers.

“We’re talking health and if you’re talking health, our environment should be one of the best,” he said.

Manager of the bus terminus, Superintendent Dunbar Belfon encouraged the use of the receptacles at the terminus, noting that there are enough on hand.

“There are bins (at) every other pole at the bus terminus there is a bin. Bins are provided and what we want them to do is to discipline themselves and to work in a clean environment by throwing their waste, using the bins,” he said.

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