Kumar Takes His Life

The Indian community remains tight-lipped over the apparent suicide of one of their leading businessmen, Kumar Shivnani last week Thursday.

The late Kumar Shivnani

The late Kumar Shivnani

The city was wild with rumours when news broke out just after mid-day on the fatal day that Kumar had used his own gun to kill himself.

Widely regarded as the most powerful Indian businessman in the country, 46-year old Kumar is reported to have put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger to end his life.

THE NEW TODAY was told that he had earlier in the day drove his wife to work at one his business stores in the city and then went back home.

According to a close family friend, the maid who was downstairs the family home heard what appears to be a gun shot.

There are reports that Kumar’s children were also in the house when he allegedly committed suicide.

A party of medical personnel along with police officers were immediately dispatched to Kumar’s home to look into the incident.

Kumar was owner of a newly built shopping plaza in the city and two variety stores in St George’s.

A confidential source confirmed to this newspaper that the businessman left a note explaining that he was suffering from depression.

He dismissed reports circulating in some quarters in the country that Kumar was shot dead by an intruder from his clan who was jealous with his apparent success.

Reports have been circulating for years that several others in the Indian community were not of friendly terms with the Indian businessman for taking a native negro and not one of his own as his wife.

Kumar has left behind to mourn his loss a wife, father and two children.

A close friend of Kumar’s family described him as “one of the nicest persons” to be found on earth.

He spoke of one day getting in trouble with the law over a minor issue and the first person to call the police to stand bail for him was the millionaire Indian businessman.

“I will really miss him, I don’t know what happened but I will always remember him for his kindness. He really cared about people and liked people. It was not about the money for him”, said the individual.

A release from the Community Relations Department (CRD) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) indicated that Kumar had died as a result of a gunshot wound.

“A post-mortem examination which was performed on (June 20th, 2016 revealed that Businessman, Kumar Shivnani, died as a result of a gun-shot wound to the head. Police investigation continues,” the release said.

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