Spicemas/GCF merger delayed

The proposed merger between the Spicemas Corporation and the Grenada Cultural Foundation (GCF) has been delayed due to legislative issues, according to Culture Minister, Senator Brenda Hood.

She told a radio programme that in order for the merger to take effect the legislation governing Spicemas must first be changed.

She said the legislation is in front of Attorney General Cajeton Hood who has the responsibility to reshape it to suit the purpose.

“We are working on the legislation and we must develop the legislation before we deal with everything else. This is why we haven’t done anything yet,” she told the programme host.

“You cannot just get rid of Spicemas. Spicemas will always remain Spicemas, the name, because it’s a brand,” she said.

Sen. Hood promised that as soon as the legislation is ready most likely after the Carnival Season, it would be taken to Cabinet and then Parliament.

The female government minister reiterated the reasons why the merger between Spicemas and GCF is necessary.

She said lots of problems occurred in the past, and it was felt that Spicemas was not operating as a business, and there was need for a strong leadership which GCF has and can provide.

Former Digicel executive and Cultural Activist, Kirk Seetahal is now the Chief Executive Officer of Spicemas.

Minister Hood disclosed that manager of the Market  Access and Rural Enterprise Programme (MAREP), Byron Campbell is the new Chairman of GCF.

She said the composition of the new GCF Board of young and old persons sharing ideas is the start towards the merger of Spicemas and the Foundation.

She stated that as Minister responsible for Culture, it was important that a strong Cultural Foundation be put together involving members of the past.

The senior Government Minister recalled that at the time of the formation of GCF the concept was to have various entities built around it as the main cultural body, but it was changed with the advent of Spicemas.

She said the newlook GCF will be charged with the task of having more work done in the community, and be involved in the development of organisations with directives coming from the Ministry of Culture.

“So the Cultural Foundation deals with culture in general… they have been given the mandate, this is what (they are) supposed to do,” she added

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