Poetic Political Portraits – ‘Make the Connection’

by William Joseph

Bolshevist, betwixt and be-wigged;
Her Majesty’s Comrade enthroned in glory-field.
The rules are another’s, but the rulings are mine;
I listen intently, must predict the Comrade’s line.
As soon as he cross the line I intercept him;
I’m sturdy of intellect, pray not, can’t even hum a hymn.
“Senator Burke, make the connection!” I demand;
He fumbles and stutters, I take ‘way his stand.
Ah have a purpose and ah have meh price;
They say expulsion; I say retribution; feels so nice!
Since boyhood I envy upper class living and thing;
But communist logic and lyrics most loudly I sing.
Now that I ‘make the connection’ complete, “All rise”!
Articulate, ambitious and Anglo-cized!
Launched Senate attack on GRENLEC; targeted and precise.
I wasn’t here before ’94 and barely here for the thirteen;
My Kayak brethren don’t even know where I’ve been.
But I get my brief good and I know about money;
I made huge profits; the watchman didn’t smell a penny.
Saving in pounds sterling; how I love the Queen;
Hillsborough can’t hold me, neither can Lance Aux Epine.
I ‘make the connection’, overseas, that’s so easy;
With my talent and good looks I sitting pretty.
Grey-headed, green-skinned and grievance-filled;
I worked for plenty, more prosperous than the skilled.
Worrel say ah can’t manage and ah must account!
But meh boy cover meh, we PBC lodge got the clout.
Blanchard, ah go put out yuh light, boy!
Doh treat me as your remote-controlled toy.
Now ah power-up, throat bad, but singing like a lark;
Ah fix things so good, even connecting dots in the dark.
Soon solar connecting my many buses and houses;
Doh need licence, no inspection, or dirty diesel sources.
Ray ‘make the connection’; blaze Physical Planning and me;
Ah rolling in dollars yuh cud stay in America and see!

Micro-sized, millions-owned and mystery-shrouded;
Who can say how I evolved and how I’m funded?
I am the greatest exponent of the ‘Food Chain Politics’!
All man who oppose, suck salt and take yuh licks.
Nothing much in Grenada properties afar, wealth is often shy;
Apartments, passports and offshore businesses I multiply.
Whistle blow and Cheltenham ‘make the connection’;
But meh powers too strong, dey couldn’t stop meh function.
Remember I flew Europe with Air Van Brink;
Recently I took off again on Air Liu Link;
Dem boys know meh vibes and how I think.
Ah borrow two billion to put down wuk on the road;
Now ah put two billion in taxes just to adjust my code.
In the midst of my sacrifice a voice shout out!
He ‘make the connection’, Poverty! Poverty! all about!
Ah take away the school books, chastise the middle class;
Those jokers damn wrong for loving yellow to the last.
But when I launch meh Foundation a fella cry foul;
When I set up Real Estate Company again he run ‘bout.
He ‘make the connection’ and expose meh secret;
Tell that boy I been to Hell so he better watch it!
See how I reinforce with two steels and hard-core chess;
Ah count in Pedro; people say he’s simply the best!
When I give the youth bling they’ll do anything;
Seven hundred for KFC n’ pizza n’ top-up n’ fling!
A radio Pharisee ‘make the connection’, tell young people I lied;
The money doh flow cause Chinese promisers backslide;
But vote me again, rich Ukrainian potato investors arrive!

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