I wish to make the point that despite the numerous letters over the years concerning the deplorable condition of the drains in St. George’s, very little has been done to correct the situation and there is always mere talk than action whenever a situation arises (Zika) causing someone to act (stink drain).

Some may think that this letter may be long and repetitive of matters published before, but about six weeks ago at a meeting of a group who met to discuss our future, the matter of the damages being caused by improper and broken drains along the entire Lucas Street, Woolwich Road, Villa area to the Carenage was raised along with the flooding in downtown St. George’s particularly at Granby Street.

I took the opportunity to inform the group of the numerous letters written on those matters over the years. As recent as a few days ago, I addressed a letter to the Manager of NAWASA, copied to Mr. Worme in the Ministry of Health and to the Engineer Sewerage, NAWASA.

As a result, a visit was made on June 16 with the view to arriving at a possible solution to the problems.

I wish to point out that in our talks the visitor mentioned the several broken drains along Lucas Street and that some people have connected their waste water lines to the sewer lines, which is not appropriate since the sewerage was/is not designed for such and as a result poses a problem.

I pointed out to him that NAWASA is part of the problem with drains as their workmen cut the drains to effect repairs, but do little or no repairs to the drains resulting in seepage.

Listening to the 7.00 p.m news on Saturday, June 18, I heard a gentleman advocating that waste water should be emptied in the sewer. Is that gentleman aware that the system does not cater for such?

Is he aware of the problems that NAWASA had over the years with inappropriate material being put into toilets and other foreign matter which got into broken chambers especially after the hurricanes of 2004/2005 causing the pumps to malfunction?

I also took the occasion to draw to the attention of NAWASA the several bits of road that were dug up to effect repairs to small water lines and the road is not repaired for long periods causing further damage.

I questioned why and was told it was due to inability to obtain small quantities of hot mix. If that is the problem why not retain some drums of pitch/cold mix and do repairs as was done in the days of Mr. Dewsbury, Mr. Tamar and the St. George’s District Board, for in so doing it will cost government a lot less and motorists will have a smoother ride.

Could someone/government tell us what plans they have to address these existing problems.

Simeon Green

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