GTA signs MOU with IAM jet centre

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IAM Jet Centre, a private jet service company operating at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) at Point Salines.

IAM Jet Centre representative  signs MOU  with  Rudi Grant – CEO of GTA

IAM Jet Centre representative signs MOU with Rudi Grant – CEO of GTA

GTA sees the agreement, signed last week Thursday, as providing it with another opportunity to increase visitor arrivals and visitor experience and to promote Grenada as the destination of choice.

Under the deal, customers of IAM Jet Centre will learn of Grenada as a destination through its website and other formal engagements while IAM Jet Centre will be featured on Grenada’s website as a service to experience.

IAM Jet centre which has been operating in Grenada for over two years, offers elite travellers a first class experience when they arrive in Grenada as well as when they are leaving.

To create a smoother transition before getting on and after getting off an aircraft, IAM Jet Centre offers in-house immigration and custom clearance, in-house security screening, free WIFI, as well as showers for travellers who need to have a bath before they leave the airport.

This service is provided not only to private jet customers but also to British Airways First Class passengers and Virgin Atlantic Upper Class passengers.

Manager of the Centre, Thomas Harper explained to the media the services offered by his company to travellers.

“For our St. George’s suite arrivals programme, our guests are met immediately as they get off the aircraft. Our Concierge is there to meet them, drive them over to the Jet Centre, give them a nice refreshing cold towel and a nice cool drink and they’re cleared by Immigration in-house. After that, once we are able to clear their bags they are cleared by Customs. Once that is complete, they are able to move very quickly to their waiting vehicle which is parked just outside the Jet Centre and whisk them off to their hotel or their mega yacht.

“…Customers who use our St. George’s Suite departure service are met at the airline check-in counter immediately after they check in. We drive them over to the Jet Centre, they are able to be screened privately by our in-house security team and they get to sit, relax in the lounge, and enjoy the amenities. As the airline wait to board, we then take them either directly to the aircraft or to the boarding gate in preparation for boarding.

According to Harper, this kind of service provides a good impression of Grenada and the arrangement signed with the GTA will only increase this aspect of travelling.

“As far as the commitment we are making to the GTA, we are well established in the international aviation community and especially in the business aviation side of things where we have luxury travellers”, he said.

“As far as moving along with marketing our products, we are very keen to market Grenada…It’s useful to us to be able to show the people who are going to be using our services, our customers and our partners to promote Grenada as a destination”, he added.  GTA CEO, Barbadian Rudy Grant said the signing of the MOU allows for strengthened partnerships between the private and public sectors and this he said is important as the authority seeks to enhance visitor experience on the island.

“It allows us to pool our resources in terms of our cooperative marketing and it allows us as well to share intelligence as it relates to the markets in which we function.

“…IAM therefore, is a valued partner …one of the things that we are seeking to do at the Grenada Tourism Authority is to ensure that we enhance our service standards and create customers service excellence as we welcome visitors to Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

“The very high standard of excellence which is provided by IAM Jet Centre is the level of excellence which Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique must provide as its standard for all visitors coming to the Tri- Island State.

In recent years, tourism has become the leading earner of foreign exchange for the island and a major provider of new jobs.

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