Commancheros Mas band presents hues of Colours for Spicemas 2016

It will be a kaleidoscope of colours for Spicemas 2016, as Flow Commancheros launched its costumes for the August festival depicting seven different costumes.

Colour Invasion from Commancheros Mas Band

Colour Invasion from Commancheros Mas Band

The mas band was launched at Port Louis last Thursday and featured speeches by a number of representatives of Commancheros including Andre Greenidge who announced that the band which has won band of the year for 26 years will stay out of traditional competition this year.

According to Greenidge, the decision was taken after listening to the voices of diehard players and supporters of the mas band.

“We decided to listen, listen, listen to what the masqueraders have been saying, what the voters have been saying and we decided to try something new this year.

“We decided not to take part in competition and focus on the masqueraders. So once you playing mas with Commancheros this year you know that you’re out for total fun but … seeing the same quality.

“…You not going to be able to just come and jump around…you have a well designed costume, well designed section and a well designed presentation but we will be focusing on the masqueraders ensuring that the 4, 5. 6 hundred dollars spent to play mass, you enjoy that money to the fullest.

Commancheros was embroiled last year in a controversy with Spicemas Corporation on the Band of the year title.

The St Paul’s outfit was originally named as winner of band of the year but was relegated to second spot based on a challenge by Andre Garvey & Associates on the tabulation of points.

Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood who also spoke at the launch of the mas band, congratulated Commancheros & Associates on the quality of costumes that plan to bring on the streets for Spicemas 2016.

The mas band will be parading under the banner, “Colour Invasion” and the players will be carrying costumes like Skyfall, a light blue which illustrates the transition from dusk to dawn, Heartthrob, a sensual, seductive and sassy rich hues of red and orange, and Goldfinch – colours of yellow and blue.

The band will also be parading Razzmatazz, a colour combination of bronze and pink, Cerulean, a vibrant blue illustrating a perfect sunny day and the calming deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, as well as Grenadine, the bright colour of pink and Ixchel which will showcase colours of turquoise, jade, purple, fuchsia and gold.
Commancheros will also have a Children section “Kids like it so” with titles such as “Ice Cream Ferry,” Mickey Mouse,” “A Day at the Beach,” and “Candy Cane”.

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