SGU moving towards new investments

St. George’s University (SGU) has announced it has committed significant capital to new initiatives that will enhance its campus infrastructure in Grenada, enhance the University’s knowledge creation capabilities, and add to the University’s world-class education programs and student support services.

The new projects under way include:

– Continuing the upgrading of student housing with a new student dormitory;

-A new state-of-the-art athletic center for students and faculty;

– Broadening the scope of SGU’s unique City Doctors Scholarship program for local and international students who commit to providing primary care in under-served areas;

– Adding professional development programs for veterinary and medical students;

– Enhancing the University’s research framework and capabilities;

– Expanding international development and student recruitment activities; and

– Continuing to attract additional new professors to add to our talented faculty.

President and CEO of St. George’s University, Dr. G. Richard Olds, said, “these new initiatives demonstrate our commitment to regularly investing in the services that students and faculty need to succeed.

He added that by expanding “our scholarships program, we are enhancing access to our world-class education programs for students who might not otherwise have such an opportunity”.

“We are very pleased that we are continuing to attract bright, motivated students and teachers and that together we are helping alleviate the acute shortages of primary care doctors in the United States and elsewhere”, Dr. Olds remarked.

SGU was established in Grenada in the mid 1970’s under an act of Parliament passed by the then labour party government of late Prime Minister, Eric Gairy.

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