Sen. Burke on the value of political power

Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Senator Nazim Burke has outlined the value and importance of a political Party.

In his address to the people of Belmont, St. George’s and its environs last week Wednesday, Sen. Burke indicated that every single, serious political party that is worth its “salt” wants to have political power.

The Congress Leader underscored the significance of political power.

“Political power is important because if you have a plan and a vision for the country, you cannot implement that plan or that vision while you are out of Office. What winning an election does, is that it puts at your disposal, at the disposal of the winning party the resources of the State, and the operations of the State so that you can carry out your plans and the vision for the country,” he said.

Sen. Burke said while Congress wants to win the next General Elections, the party is not prepared to give away Grand Etang, Camerhogne Park or the Grenada Postal Corporation.

“There are some things that money can’t buy, and our heritage is one of those things,” he quipped.
Congress has been engaging the people of Grenada on a regular basis through a series of public meetings in different communities as part of its public education programme.

The NDC Political Leader indicated that two years ago the party embarked upon a mission to reach out to the people of Grenada following the last General Elections which it lost 15-0 to the New National Party (NNP).

He said the party took the position that because 41 percent of the people voted for the NDC, they felt that they had a duty to be the people’s voices and representatives through the “People’s Parliament” that are held at the village level.

Sen. Burke said Congress knew that the economic hardship Grenadians are now facing will eventually come under the NNP stewardship.

He reminded the people of the promises Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell made to the nation of job creation, and investment opportunities if NNP was voted back into office in the 2013 general elections.

He said people are now beginning to complain about the economic hardship that they are facing.

“Unemployment remains, according to the International Monetary Fund ‘stubbornly high’ in our country. By the Prime Minister’s own admission, unemployment moved from 28 percent to 30 percent in the last year,” the Congress leader told the gathering.

Sen. Burke also pointed out that the ruling party since coming into office has put on 28 different taxes on the back of the people which, he said, has now caused the price of certain goods and services to increase.

“While these prices continue to mount, the government continues to take back and take away from us all of the basic programmes and services, and social benefits that the National Democratic Congress Government had,” he said.

The Congress Leader made mention of the NDC flagship programmes of free school books to all students, and the energy for the poor which have now been scrapped by the NNP regime.

Sen. Burke called for a combined effort from all sectors of the country “to stand up and speak up” and say enough is enough, even in the face of threats.

“We must collectively stand up to resist this, we must bring the collective weight of resistance upon this government. What is going on is wrong and we must have the courage to speak about it,” he said.

However, he cited the young people as the majority in the population that are mostly affected by the current economic dilemma in the country.

Sen. Burke alleged that over 1500 transfers have taken place among the nine hundred Police Officers within the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) within the past three years under NNP rule.

Within weeks of coming into office, Prime Minister Mitchell announced that he had no confidence in the Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson and brought back the retired Winston James to act as the island’s chief cop.

Thompson who was reassigned to the post of Clerk of Parliament has taken the manner in which he was removed to the high court for adjudication.

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