GTA prepares tour guides to conduct walking tours

In an effort to create a more positive impression on the island, the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is offering a tourism guide training programme.

Charmaine McMeo - Quality Assurance Officer at GTA

Charmaine McMeo – Quality Assurance Officer at GTA

The tourist guiding sector has always formed an integral part of Grenada’s Tourism offering and contribute significantly to the success of the cruise ship destination.

The GTA is hopeful that tour operators would see the need to engage in such a training.

According to Quality Assurance Officer at the authority, Charmaine McMeo, it is imperative that persons in the sector be equipped with the requisite skills and techniques to undertake their role more effectively so as to create a more memorable experience for visitors.

McMeo told reporters at a press conference that the training, which, will focus on walking tours in the parish of St. George’s, will run from May 23 to June 15.

“The aim of the training is to build capacity in this area of walking tours and to assist tourist guides in developing more accurate informative and interesting commentary”, she said.

“The training will focus on several areas including the roles and responsibilities of a tour guide, communication skills, techniques for conducting walking tours, problem solving, appearance and grooming, visitor care, cross cultural awareness and business skills,” she added.

McMeo pointed out that GTA expects that at the end of the training the participants would be certified and uniformed to conduct proper tours in the St George’s area.

“Upon completing the training, participants should be able to improve their communication skills, exhibit group management skills, utilise techniques to conduct their tours more effectively and overall become better Grenadian ambassadors,” she said.

The Tourism Authority official stressed that GTA will be soliciting the expertise of certified instructors to conduct the training.

“We do have certified instructors from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, partnering with us to actually conduct this training. Some of these trainers will be internal and we would also have some guest instructors joining us, persons who are very competent in knowledge of our Grenadian history. The certified tour guides and instructors would focus more on the techniques and building communication skills and grooming,” she said.

A cost of $150.00 will have to be paid by persons participating in the training.

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