Government to provide assistance to Paul Phillip

Government has announced plans to offer assistance to top local coach Paul Phillip, the trainer of CARIFTA gold medalist, Anderson Phillip in an effort to help him expand his club nation wide.

The announcement comes amidst reports that an offer was made to Phillip by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) to help them in the area of coaching.

Reports have also been circulating locally that Phillip had approached the government without success to invest in his services.

However, Minister of Sports, Emmalin Pierrre told reporters at a recent press conference at the Ministerial Complex that information had reached the Ministry of Sports that Phillip was interested in serving as a coach in the Ministry and they have been working towards that.

She said Phillip has made it clear that his interest was not to come into the Ministry of Sports as a coach.

“Our understanding is that Paul wanted to come into the Ministry as a Coach and this is what we have been looking at…Paul himself has indicated that no, he does not want to come into the Ministry as a coach”, she remarked.

She spoke of Paul indicating that his interest is “to remain with my club and the programme that we’ve established for the implementation of a Sports academy”.

“…We are prepared through the Sports academy to provide a service not just to the athletes in St David’s but nationally and we are looking for the support of the government in funding my engagement in the programme,” she quoted Paul as saying.

According to Minister Pierre, government is prepared to provide the assistance to Coach Phillip but will do so through another source.

“With that clarity, we have decided to engage Paul, through payment from another source outside of the government system.

“…A meeting was held with Paul with regards to proceeding forward that he continues as he is going until he formalises the arrangement which we hope is going to be concluded before the end of this month.

“…He has been engaged informally on his same programme, existing programme, which will change …. to include other national athletes.

The Minister took the opportunity to applaud Phillip on giving his service and expertise to the country without expecting anything in return.

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