Employment opportunity for young nurses

A number of young nurses, who have been out of work for some time now, will be provided with an opportunity to earn an income after participating in a two week reorientation programme developed by the Ministry of Health.

Health Minister Nickolas Steele made the disclosure last week Wednesday, while delivering his Ministerial statement to the Lower House of Parliament at the Grenada Trade Centre, Morne Rouge, Grand Anse, St. George’s.

The senior government minister told the house that the selected nurses will start off with a two week training or reorientation exercise out of a recognition that they have been out of the system for quite a while.

He said the training programme will also help the young nurses to gain further experience in the field.

Minister Steele said the nurses have unfortunately found themselves in a situation where “they have been qualified and in order to go further or to be appealing to any other organisation or institution here in Grenada or elsewhere they need to gain experience”.

“…We have developed a programme that will allow these nurses to gain experience, (and) gain an income from working three days a week within the public system,” he told Parliament.

The ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell has signed off on a Structural Adjustment Programme with the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF) to cut expenditure through an attrition policy in the civil service.

Under the arrangement, the government committed to a restricted policy of hiring in the public sector.

The deal calls for hiring only three persons for each 10 employees who quit the service.

According to Minister Steele, the nurses were expected to begin the two week training session on Sunday (May 15).

He also announced plans for the commissioning of a new maternity ward at the General Hospital following a recent bed bug infestation at the ward and, the installation of a new x-ray unit at the Princess Alice Hospital, Mirabeau, St Andrew.

Minister Steele lauded his government for being “able to deal with its challenges (in the health sector), as well as to find solutions and move forward with a solution that is better than what was in the past.”

As it relates to the bed bug issue, he said, “the facts are that bed bug infestations are something that hospitals throughout the world, First World nations and so, deal with and have at certain instances.”

As for the new x-ray machine for Princess Alice, he said the engineers are currently doing the necessary “safety tests,” on the new machine, and that “the staffing mechanisms have been set up,” with plans to soon deliver the new x-ray system to the people of St Andrew and surrounding areas.

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