Cultural Icon Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge given high recognition by sponsors

Cultural ambassador Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge has been lauded and praised by two of his sponsors for the work he has been putting out in the industry and they have pledged their commitment to continue supporting him.

Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge – Flow’s Cultural Ambassador

Wilt “Tallpree” Cambridge – Flow’s Cultural Ambassador

The commendation came from officials of Flow and Netherlands Insurance at a press conference at the Venus Restaurant and Bar in Grand Anse that was attended by Tallpree and Elimus “The Inspector” Gilbert.

The LIME brand which has been rebranded as Flow has been supporting the top soca artiste for the past six years.

Speaking at the ceremony, the company’s Marketing Executive, Kelly Mitchell said that as a result of rebranding, the new Flow with a new vision will be focusing more heavily on the performing arts, youth, sports and culture.

He said Flow will heavily use the cultural ambassador in promoting its work in the future.

“Tallpree has served us well. He has been reliable, he has been dependable and this year for yet another year we have endorsed the relationship and we can safely say that he is a new Flow ambassador as we go forward under our new flow brand”, he told reporters.

“…Tallpree as we move forward, we going to be using him as an Ambassador to promote our brand, to promote our products and services and we are even looking at making relationships to make him a regional ambassador because he has served us well. We think that he has the quality and the professionalism in the artform that can take our brand forward,” he said.

Mitchell announced Flow’s continued support for two major shows organised by Tallpree – “Preeday”, which is part of the August carnival festival and Uncle Tallpree Kids Fete.

Tallpree was also recognised for his professionalism by Managing Director of Netherlands Insurance, Richard Strachan.

According to Strachan, Netherlands hangs it hat on success and standards, something he said Tallpree possesses to the highest degree.

“I think Tallpree over the years has been able to show that he operates with the highest of standards in terms of his music and not only in terms of the creativity but in terms of the quality of his recording and his production, in terms of the quality of his performances and I think this is something that we like to support,” he said.

The insurance executive noted that without a doubt, he recognises why Tallpree has been named a cultural Ambassador for Flow because he represents the culture well.

“He represents Grenada well, he represents the industry well, he represents the music well and I think he is getting some interest regionally to have regional sponsorship and I think that speaks very well.

“He represents us well, not only at performances abroad but at competitions abroad and over the years he’s learnt and he has grown in the industry and we can be nothing else but proud of him.

Strachan referred to Tallpree’s involvement in the Netherlands Insurance music programme at the Boca Secondary School, the Alma mater of the cultural ambassador.

The aim of the programme is to help develop music in the schools.

Tallpree in recognition of this and realising the benefits that could be derived from it said there needs to be more programmes like what is being offered by Netherlands Insurance.

“Without programmes like these, I’m not sure if I’ll be here today or these artistes will be where they are. Music starts in the school just like any other programme…if you start in school I think you have a better chance of going out there and breaking out earlier…”, he remarked.

“I must say thanks to Netherlands Insurance because a lot of the youth at Boca Secondary School definitely will benefit from that and we need more programmes like this to enhance the youth coming up in their musical career,” he said.

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