Biker Dies In Road Accident

The Whitsuntide (Pentecost) weekend was marred by a fatal road accident along the Calivigny Main Road.
Biker, Donald Graham lost his life in the accident on Monday following a collision between a motorcycle and a Suzuki Escudo Van, registration number PO 935.

Biker Graham Donald - the latest person to lose his life on the road

Biker Graham Donald – the latest person to lose his life on the road

The accident occurred about 4.00 p.m. less than 200 yards away from Fort Jeudy Gap.

50-year old Donald was allegedly racing along the road with two other Bikers.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a Coroner’s Inquest would most likely be held into the death of the Biker.

Donald was originally from St. Paul’s but had moved to Mt. Hartman, St. George’s in recent years.

The driver of the Escudo vehicle is said to be Kimon Brathwaite of Madeys, St. Patrick’s.

There are reports that Donald suffered multiple injuries about the body including his head.

He was rushed for emergency treatment at the St. George’s General Hospital but died shortly on arrival.

The accident occurred within close proximity to the April 5 road fatality, which claimed the life of Don DeRavinere of Pomme Rose, St. David’s.

Donald is the country’s fifth road fatality for the year.

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