Terry Forrester: The matter is not a criminal action

Political activist and local businessman, Terrence Forrester has come to the defence of his Chinese business partner, Charles Liu who is associated with the much-talked about US$2billion tourism project at Mt. Hartman.

Information coming out of the United States last Thursday states that Liu who is the Commercial Attaché to the Grenada Embassy in Beijing, China, is charged with violating anti-fraud laws in connection with a proposed proton cancer treatment business in California.

The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly laid three fraud charges on Liu and his wife, Xin “Lisa” Wang, now residing in the United States.

The husband and wife who live in Laguna Niguel, California are accused of misusing two-thirds of the money they raised from investors for the cancer business and their assets were also frozen.

Forrester, the local man on the ground for the Chinese investors took strong opposition to an opinion piece written by William Joseph, former Chief of Staff under the 2008-13 Congress Government of Tillman Thomas.

The article, written under the headline, “Rain Raining,” was featured in last week’s edition of “Sundays With George Grant Programme.”

Forrester called the programme and labelled the opinion piece as libelous and filled with misinformation.

“As the local Rep. for Mr. Liu, I am reliably informed by his attorney in the United States that the matter is not… a criminal action, but indeed a civil action… commenced by the US Security and Exchange Commission in connection with a US Company that he (Liu) owns in the United States,” he said.

Forrester charged that the SEC and the parties concerned are currently in negotiations pursuing a civil remedy in the matter.

“Mr. Liu has not been charged in a court of law… nor has he been arrested as the piece, somehow, seems to allude to,” he said.

The local businessman stated it is the right and responsibility of the SEC to investigate any business so as to ensure no Federal Law is broken.

However, he said it must be known that the SEC is not a court, “and the matter is now under negotiations between the parties.”

“So for him (Joseph) to make such malicious and ill-advised libelous
statements is tantamount to mischief, and, therefore, he must be careful. He must, therefore walk with an umbrella when rain is raining. He must not make these unfounded libelous statements to misinform and misguide the general public to think that Mr. Liu is in or some court action has been taken against him and a judge has ruled.

That has not occurred,” remarked Forrester.

“So I will ask Mr. William Joseph to desist from continuing making the statement, and I would encourage him not to put it in print because he may be charged in a court of law. Mr. Liu has not been charged,” he said.

Forrester warned that the libel law is still in effect and there is no exchange when someone’s credibility is damaged.

“If you damage a man’s credibility, you damage his good name, you will pay,” he said.

Forrester who normally acts as Public Relations Officer for the ruling New National Party in election campaigns said it is not healthy to be propagandising and giving misinformation about investors and others in Grenada.

The Keith Mitchell-led NNP administration has reacted swiftly to the report about the SEC charge on Liu and his wife.

In a statement released to the media, it said, “Based on our ongoing cooperation agreement with Third Party countries, we have received information that Mr. Charles Liu, a citizen of Grenada under Section
11 of Grenada’s Citizen By Investment Act, and one of the significant investors in the proposed Mt. Hartman Project, has been charged with violating anti-fraud laws involving an EB-5 Immigrant Investor programme in the USA.

“Through our diplomatic channels, the Government of Grenada continues to monitor the situation, to communicate with all diplomatic and other sources, and continues to fully engage mutual cooperation with all the parties concerned.

“The Government of Grenada stands ready to take the appropriate action as the facts are ascertained.” (See page 6 for full story on Charles Liu)

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