Helping Grenadians to develop artistic expression through competition

Owner of the close to two year old Amical Art Studio, Prens Nelo, has announced the opening of an inaugural art competition geared to help local artists to develop their unique artistic style.

Professional Haitian artist, Prens Nelo, Owner of Amical Art Studio

Professional Haitian artist, Prens Nelo, Owner of Amical Art Studio

Persons are being encouraged to participate in the Art competition, which is open to all.

The competition will start in the parish of St. George’s followed by individual competitions in all the other parishes throughout the country, including the sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The winner of the art competition in each parish will receive a first prize of EC$500, a second place prize of EC$300 and EC$200 for the third place winner.

“This is my way to help artists in Grenada to express themselves,” Prens Nelo told THE NEW TODAY.

“I also share my skills with them…the competition is for people who love art and would like to become an artist,” he said, adding that, “it’s not everybody that love and appreciates art.”

Interested persons can register online at under the Amical Art Studio section at a cost EC$25.

According to Nelo, the competition is expected to culminate in the next six months.

The Amical Art Studio, which is located upstairs the Grenada National Museum on Monckton Street in St. George’s is described as “a place where artists (young and old) can come and paint.”

The studio, which opened its doors to the Grenadian public in 2014, operated from a booth on Kirani James Boulevard before moving to its central location in St. George’s.

It has also extended services through the establishment of a booth in San Souci, St George, where art lessons are provided to persons free of cost.

“The idea is to give a chance to everybody who loves art,” Nelo said, pointing to the costly classes already being held by other artists in the country.

Nelo, who is a national of Haiti, also engages in free workshops as well as private classes at a cost of EC$30 per hour.

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