Furniture donated to new Woburn Methodist School

The Woburn Methodist School has been completely rebuilt by the Government of Grenada and was occupied at the start of the third term.

Donated furniture to Woburn Methodist School

Donated furniture to Woburn Methodist School

Government funded the construction of the new facility, but it was left to the school to provide much-needed new furniture.

Gift Grenada, Inc. is a local registered non-profit company organised to perform charity work with its primary focus being support to the primary schools.

Woburn Methodist is one of four schools adopted and supported by Gift Grenada.

When it was learned that Woburn Methodist needed furniture, contact was made with Surplus Educational Supplies Foundation (SESF) of Scotland, United Kingdom.

David Miles-Hanschell is Chief Executive and Founder of SESF. He is a retired schoolteacher who began in 2004 to collect used school furniture and supplies for shipment to developing countries.

Over the past decade he has shipped to Ghana, Nicaragua, Liberia and Jamaica, in addition to Grenada following Hurricane Ivan.

It was most fortunate that Hanschell had on hand a forty foot (40’) container loaded with school furniture which he readily agreed to send to Grenada for Woburn Methodist School.

Over the past several months David continued to collect books and supplies to include in the shipment while arranging transport of the container from Scotland to Portsmouth, England.

Student are captured sitting on their new chairs

Student are captured sitting on their new chairs

Several organisations donated their services to make this happen.

The container was shipped from Portsmouth by Geest Lines to Grenada.

Gift Grenada, Inc. has paid the shipping costs as well as clearing agent’s fee and transportation costs from the port to the school.

The principal and staff of Woburn Methodist have been very busy over the past several weeks assembling and distributing the furniture.

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