CIBC FirstCaribbean get into Insurance Services

People undertaking financial dealings with CIBC FirstCaribbean International bank now have an opportunity to make the bank their one-stop shop to provide security for their business ventures.

CIBC First Caribbean Country Manager, Nigel Ollivierre

CIBC First Caribbean Country Manager, Nigel Ollivierre

CIBC First Caribbean, in collaboration with Massy United Insurance has now established its home and auto insurance agency for its clients in Grenada.

The bank launched the new product during a cocktail ceremony at the Spice Island Beach Resort last week Friday.

The partnership with Massy offers the new line of service to clients in eight of the 17 countries where CIBC FirstCaribbean operates.

Associate Director of Insurance Company at the bank, Paul Inniss who introduced the new line of insurance products said it is the bank’s intention to ensure that all of its customers across the region are the benefits of “superior insurance products and services” in partnership with Massy United Insurance.

Inniss indicated that a lot of people purchase insurance just on price, which can, in the end, prove to be a costly venture.

He said the bank is seeking to ensure that its customers have the coverage that they need given the type of scenarios and situations to which they are exposed.

He stressed that through the home and auto insurance now being offered, it is their intention to make it easier for clients to insure both their homes and autos.

“What we have basically found a way to do, is to actually have your loan closed and disbursed within a much quicker time frame, backed by security insurance products”, he said.

“It is an optional offer, it is not compulsory. We do not force our clients into relationships, and, therefore, you still have the option to select insurance products from an insurer of your choice,” he added.

Some of the officials who were present at the launch

Some of the officials who were present at the launch

The line of insurance products will trade as CIBC FirstCaribbean Insurance Agent, and all of the insurance products under the programme will be underwritten and serviced by Massy United Insurance.

Local Country Manager of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Nigel Ollivierre believes this new line of product will bring a greater level of convenience to the bank’s customers.

Olivierre said the bank’s customers are now able to go to any of the branches where they conduct their business and get the line of insurance needed.

“The launch of CIBC FirstCaribbean Insurance is yet another tangible demonstration of the bank’s commitment to offering innovative products and services aimed at further enhancing our customers experience,” he said.

Managing Director of CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank, Donna Wellington spoke of the bank’s continued efforts in transforming its retail operations with the main objective of enhancing its clients experience.

Wellington said the bank has started to see “very pleasing results” in both its financial performance, and clients satisfaction, which she said, continues to provide the bank with the confidence to continue its journey of transformation.

The Bank’s Managing Director noted that the transformation focuses on four main pillars, the first of which is the premise to cater for the customers needs.

Director of Business Development, Strategy and Marketing at Massy, Michael Armstrong, highlighted the strength, values and ideals of the insurance company.

Armstrong referred to Massy United as being one of the largest and most financially strong general insurance companies in the Caribbean, and that it has been providing “peace of mind” to its customers across the region for almost 40 years.

“What you may not know about us is that we have probably been the most tested general insurance company in the Caribbean,” he said.

The Massy United Director of Business Development, Strategy and Marketing underscored the importance of having insurance coverage.

He said during this challenging economic environment insurance coverage is imperative to safeguard against the unexpected.

“Seeking sound insurance advice from a trusted provider can be entitled to the continuing financial well-being of home-owners and new vehicle owners. With the coming together of the strong brands of Massy United Insurance and CIBC FirstCaribbean, the bank’s customers can be confident that their future is secured,” he told the gathering.

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