Bank takes part in health seminar

CIBC FirstCaribbean hosted a Men’s Health & Wellness Seminar on May 25 at its main branch located in the town of St. George.

Men at seminar being tested by medical professionals

Men at seminar being tested by medical professionals

Over thirty CIBC FirstCaribbean staff and male staff from neighbouring financial institutions attended the seminar, which focused on non-communicable chronic diseases and other aspects of health care such as Weight Management, Stress Management, Andropause AKA ‘male menopause’ and living healthy lifestyles.

The seminar was held in partnership with the Ministry of Health, Grenada National Organisation of Women (GNOW) and the Engagement, Action, Connection & Health Group (EACH) who were the facilitators of the session.

As part of the seminar, the attendees received free blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI) and cholesterol health checks, followed by one-on-one discussions with a medical health practitioner on the results of their tests.

“Grenada has the highest incidence of non-communicable diseases in the Caribbean. Data from the Ministry of Health indicate that in Grenada, the male population has the highest levels of morbidity (ill health) and mortality from non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and diabetes”, said Frank Mertes, Treasurer and Founder of EACH, as he addressed the group.

Country Manager of CIBC Firstcaribbean, Nigel Ollivierre, who also participated in the seminar, commented on the bank’s involvement in hosting the seminar.

“The seminar was extremely informative on non-communicable diseases and healthcare, which we have identified as an important topic and resource for our staff. It is quite alarming, the number of men in Grenada that have non-communicable diseases which become chronic conditions because they do not seek professional care and the illnesses are not managed properly” he said.

“A healthy team is happier and therefore more productive and fits in with the bank’s strategy to invest in our staff which includes caring for their overall wellbeing”, he added.

Ollivierre encouraged his colleagues and associates to become blood donors as it is not only a rewarding initiative but is also an avenue for health check-ups to be conducted.

GNOW, EACH and the Ministry of Health have committed to holding several practical sessions to educate persons on non-communicable diseases and the importance of proper healthcare across Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

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