Kaiso Bards pitching tent at Deluxe Cinema

The Kaiso Bards Calypso Tent has lived up to its promise of making an early start to the Carnival Season.

The tent which is into its 21 years of existence opens its doors on Saturday at the Deluxe Cinema in Grenville, St. Andrew’s.

Mr. X – will again by performing with Kaiso Bards

Mr. X – will again by performing with Kaiso Bards

Tent Leader and Manager, Elwin “Black Wizard” McQuilkin told The New Today Newspaper the tent has a cast of 18 calypsonians comprised mainly of veterans and youngsters.

Wizard is confident that Kaiso Bards is prepared to put on a great show on its opening night.

He pointed an accusing finger at his fellow calypsonians for not preparing early enough to face the season.

“When we said we’re starting the first week in June, they thought (it) was a joke so some of them were not fully ready,” he said.

The tent leader believes Kaiso Bards is the number one calypso tent in Grenada and has been able to retain its traditional Calypsonians including Mr X, Teacher Eddie and Lakey among others.

He said the tent has been rehearsing with the “Back In Times Band” at the Grenada Trades Centre for the past two weeks.

“We will be ready for Saturday. We have enough songs for a good show,” he added.

Wizard said patrons can expect the traditional Kaiso Bards performance for Saturday’s show with a variety and mix of social and political commentary with humour.

“When people come to Kaiso Bards they must come to listen and laugh, and have a good time. So we don’t go too much for the party-type calypso… When you come to Kaiso Bards the atmosphere is really a calypso tent atmosphere,” he remarked.

The Veteran Calypsonian expressed the view that the annual season is too short, hence the reason why they made the effort to make an early start in an effort to provide patrons with more shows so that they will have more opportunities to hear vintage calypsoes.

He stressed that by the time a calypso tent opens in the month of July it is just in time for the calypsonians to be judged in the preliminary round.

“We need to have the artistes sing a number of times before they face the judges so that they could be match-ready… So the more shows you have prior to judging, is the more ready you will be for the judging,” he said.

Wizard who is a three-times National Calypso Monarch believes he has two good songs for the season.

They are called, “Ah Done” and “The Seed.”

He said with “Ah Done” he is giving reasons why he is finished with singing calypso, while the next song shows concern for the future generation.

The former Calypso Monarch believes the season should be a good one with people coming out to follow the calypso music.

Kaiso Bards will also perform at Spice Basket in Beaulieu on June 10th.

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