Hostile witness in Dave Benjamin Murder Inquiry

As the Preliminary Inquiry continues into the charge of murder brought against St. David’s resident, Dave Benjamin, three more witnesses were called by the State to give evidence with one of them deemed as hostile by Prosecutor, Howard Pinnock.

The witnesses – Milton Francis, a resident of Corinth – took the witness stand last Friday at the St David’s Magistrate’s Court.

After answering a few questions from Pinnock and on being cross examined by Legal Representative for Benjamin, attorney-at-law, Andre Thomas, the State Prosecutor asked Magistrate Karen Noel to consider Francis as hostile.

During the re-examination of the witness by Pinnock, he was asked to explain why he was giving answers differently on the stand now than what he gave prior to the sitting.

As a result of the behaviour of the witness on the stand, Pinnock took the decision to discontinue using him in the case.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Francis wrote a statement to the Prosecutor that he saw someone running from the area in which the murder took place and could have identified the individual.

However, when he appeared on the Witness Stand in the PI, he could not say whether he knew the person or not.

Francis along with two others, John Greenidge of Windsor Forest, a Supervisor at La Sagesse Playing Field and Raphael Sylvester, an Entrepreneur residing at La Sagesse were the three witnesses called by the State to give evidence in the death of American Jessica Colker.

The U.S citizen from Atlanta lost her life in January – one day after arriving on the island for a vacation with her husband Brian Melito.

The two were guests at the La Sagesse Nature Centre when the killing took place.

Thirteen witnesses have testified so far in the case and 9 more are expected to give evidence at the next sitting on June 13th.

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