$20,000 from Grenville Market

The Grenville Market in St. Andrew’s is proving to be a good source of revenue collection for the cash-strapped Keith Mitchell Administration.

Speaking on a radio programme last Sunday, Deputy Manager of the market, Political Activist of the ruling New National Party (NNP) Kennedy (KB) Budhlall gave an overview of the activities being undertaken.

Budhlall who spoke of being satisfied with the compliance of vendors in paying for the use of the market disclosed that approximately $20,000 is collected on a monthly basis.

The Deputy Manager disclosed that there is not a variety of items available for sale at the market and felt there is need for more “life” to be introduced in the market.

“Too much people want to do the same thing in the market; everybody want to sell clothes,” he said.
According to Budhlall, it is time for those vendors who use the streets to ply their trade to move into the market to carry on their business.

He also voiced concern over the way in which business in being conducted by the vendors who are on the street, noting that it can turn out to be a health hazzard.

“Come out from the street, stop putting pieces of bag on the ground and put provision where dog passing, rat passing, cat passing. You have to become more civilised, and a healthy nation is a wealthy nation,” he said.

Budhlall believes that Tourism Minister Yolande Bain-Horsford should play an instrumental role in helping to open a tourist booth inside the market that is stocked with a variety of spices for visitors.

“What exactly the tourists go to the (Nutmeg) Pool to see, they must see it in the market, and at the same time you have to(improve the toilet facilities) in the market where they can go and release themselves,” he said.

The modern market facility is part of the Grenville Market Square Development Project which includes the construction of the Mirabeau Abattoir, and a bus terminus.

The project was initiated by the NNP prior to losing the 2008 general election but was executed by the Tillman Thomas-led Congress Government.

The cost of the project was EC$29M with an additional $769,000 paid out in consultancy, and more than $1.1M spent on buying equipment.

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