Vincy National wanted for Shooting Incident

Local police are closing in on a Vincentian National who is wanted for questioning in connection with the recent shooting spree in the heart of the city which left three St. George’s men nursing gun shot wounds.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James who spoke with reporters at a press conference last week Friday said that the wanted man is now in custody in St. Vincent.

Police have identified the man as the chief suspect in the incident, which took place two weeks ago and left many persons doing business in the town running away in fright and panic.

The daring daylight fracas resulted in Damian Depradine known as “Jigger,” Andre LaTouche known as “Tug Life,” and Romel Haynes being shot on Halifax Street, St. George’s.

Acting Commissioner James said the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is taking the necessary steps to have the Vincentian extradited to Grenada to face charges in the local courts.

Without going into much details, the Chief Cop told reporters that the wanted man was caught in his homeland with a firearm, which the local police believe is the one used to commit the crime in Grenada.

“Three persons were on their way to St. Vincent in a boat, and as a result of intelligence that was received, St. Vincent was informed,” he said.

According to the Acting Commissioner, he has no immediate evidence that the Vincentian National was legal in the country when he allegedly fired the weapon and injured the men.

He said that he was not in a position to say how the man entered Grenada.

James told reporters that Omari Matthew Hall of The Stones, Grand Anse, St. George’s who surrendered to the lawmen after a “wanted man bulleting” was issued for him in connection with the shooting in the city has been released from police custody pending further investigations.

“You may have heard that one man turned in himself, but from our investigation, the one who turned in himself is not the person who pulled the trigger,” he said.

In the face of a spate of recent violent incidents in the country, the Chief Cop stated that there is empirical evidence to show that Grenada is one of the most peaceful islands in the Caribbean.

He said that Grenadians both at home and abroad should be proud of that reputation, and continue to be law-abiding citizens so as to maintain “that good name.”

However, he admitted that unfortunately there has been a sudden upsurge in violent crimes that is threatening the safety of law-abiding citizens and the nation’s reputation as a peaceful place.

Acting Commissioner James referred to three recent shooting incidents including the slaying of Detective Corporal of Police, Daniel Edgar with an AK47 Rifle almost one month ago at Mount Stanhope in St. Mark’s that sent shock waves in the country.

The two other shooting incidents took place in the heart of the city.

Acting Commissioner James conceded that the three incidents have created an unsettled level of fear among members of the population.

He said the mission and focus of RGPF is to quell the sudden spike in lawless activities on the island.

The Acting Commissioner hinted that the force would be instituting a limited gun amnesty for persons having illegal guns in their possession.

“Let me appeal to all who are in possession of unlicensed or illegal firearms to turn them into the police immediately. Persons who have information on the whereabouts of illegal firearms are also asked to inform the police of same,” he said.

“The possession of illegal weapons would not be tolerated,” he emphasised.
Commissioner James expressed the hope that persons in possession of illegal firearms will heed his call.

However, he said if they do not and are found with the weapons, the full force of the law will be brought against them.

He gave assurances that those who comply with his call for the guns to be turned in will not be prosecuted.

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