La Mode Man on Non-Capital Murder

Nearly three weeks after a La Mode man died from injuries sustained in an altercation with another man from the same village, Police have slapped a charge of non-capital murder on Cliffom Sergeant.

Barry Lawrence – the victim who lost his life

Barry Lawrence – the victim who lost his life

The 36-year old Sergeant who works in the construction industry as a Tile specialist is accused of causing last month’s death of Barry Lawrence.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the incident arose over a vehicular accident.

According to a high level source Lawrence, 52, was reversing his car on April 10th when it allegedly collided with Sergeant’s parked vehicle.

The source who does not wish to be identified said the two men got into a confrontation and exchanged words.

He said that every time Sergeant saw Lawrence he kept asking him for compensation for the damaged car.

“Between the 10th (of April) and the 18th of the same (April) month they (both men) had some ding dang. Cliffom (allegedly) collared him and boxed him different times. At one time near a shop in La Mode, he (Sergeant) collared up Barry who fell from a low bench. He was taken to the hospital and they discharged him, and then afterwards he died on the 21st (of April) at home,” the source said.

This newspaper was told that Lawrence was heard to be complaining of severe pain in his abdomen.

Cliffom Sergeant – charged with non-capital murder

Cliffom Sergeant – charged with non-capital murder

The deceased is due to be buried today (Friday) following a church service at the Beaulieu Roman Catholic Church.

Sergeant who is being represented by attorneys Derick Sylvester and Francis Paul appeared before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill at the St. George’s Number One Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday where the indictable charge was read to him.

He is accused of committing non-capital murder by intentionally and unlawfully causing grievous bodily harm to Lawrence on April 21st at La Mode for which he could not plead.

Sylvester, being aware of the fact that the presiding Magistrate does not have the authority to grant bail to his client, hinted to the court that he would make a bail application before the High Court.

Sergeant was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill, St. George’s awaiting his next court appearance on May 31st.

None of the ten witnesses called was present in court Wednesday, and as a result Chief Magistrate Gill issued summons for each of them.

The witnesses to be called by the State include four civilians, three doctors including Pathologist Dr. Hubert Daisley from Trinidad and Tobago, and three Police Officers.

A family source is quoted as saying that Lawrence’s relatives were not satisfied with the results of the first autopsy that was done on the body.

This newspaper was reliably informed that the post-mortem concluded that Lawrence sustained some broken ribs, which could have been the cause of death.

However, a second autopsy was done by Dr. Daisley, who is considered as one of the most respected Pathologists in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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