New fundraising projects for Anglican Church

The fundraising committee of the St. George’s Anglican Church has stepped up its drive to raise funds for the rebuilding of the parish church on Church Street, St. George’s, which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in September 2004.

During last Sunday’s Weekly Service, which now takes place at the St. George’s Anglican Senior School, Head of the Fundraising Committee, Lana McPhail, with the blessing of Archdeacon Christian Glasgow who is currently in Barbados giving support to his wife who is receiving medical attention,  launched two different fundraising projects.

Members of the congregation are being given an opportunity to contribute to one of the final phases of the rebuilding church project by purchasing a window, door or pew.

This can be done as a family, name of a loved one who is deceased, or in a personal capacity.

In recognition of those who have contributed to that project, a plaque indicating who made the contribution will be erected.

The cost of a pew is EC $1500, a small window is costing $3,000, while the large windows cost $5,000 each.

McPhail also launched “a buy a tile project” which cost $10.00.

“We asking you, we, members of this congregation to participate actively. We all want to see our church completed,” she told the congregation.

McPhail, a Permanent Secretary in the Government Service, disclosed the financial intake from the luncheon held on April 3rd.

According to her, they have been able to deposit $15,244 as proceeds from the Easter Luncheon, without any outstanding debts.

She told the congregation that 14 tickets remain unaccounted for, and appealed to those in possession of the tickets to come forward and pay for them.

McPhail said approximately $400,000.00 is still needed to complete the work on the church in time for the Anglican Synod Mass at the end of September.

“We need the funds. You know that these funds are for the rebuilding of the church,” she said.
The Church Warden disclosed that at present there are two containers with lumber sitting on the docks in Guyana awaiting shipment to Grenada.

She said the shipment of the containers is delayed as they are unable to pay for the lumber.

According to her, the Church is receiving the cost of the shipping of the containers as a contribution, but they are not able to move them as the funds to pay for the items have not yet been raised.

The church rebuilding project was launched August 24th, 2014 and it was estimated then that work will be completed in 18 months.

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