Small Cruise line for Spicemas 2016

The MV Adriana, a small cruise ship with Trinidad & Tobago listed as its homeport, is expected to transport Trini revelers to Grenada for Spicemas 2016.

This was announced at a press conference Tuesday by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) Rudy Grant, who was accompanied by Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood.

There is a possibility that the MV Adriana would be replacing the Paria Bullet, the ferry which has been coming to Grenada for the last four years carrying masqueraders.

Grant could not say whether the Paria Bullet will be making another run to Grenada for the carnival.

About a year ago, the organiser of the ferry service, Anton Allen stated in an interview that he was not sure if another trip would be made for Spicemas 2016.

He said the organisers would not be able to meet their expenses without concessions on the cost of fuel from government.

“I am not too sure about next year, I’m gonna put it on record, I’m not too sure what’s going to happen next year because if it keeps on like this, I can’t do it again,” he stated in last year’s interview after berthing at Port St. George for Spicemas 2015.

With uncertainty over the return of the Paria Bullet, Grant said GTA is in discussions with owners of MV Adriana to ensure that as demand grows for Spicemas 2016, they are able to facilitate transportation.

“MV Adriana is a small cruise line cruise ship and Adriana is already coming to Grenada. It’s part of our itinerary with respect to cruise line and the discussions that we are having are to seek to ensure that MV Adriana comes right before Spicemas and would then come back after Spicemas in order to accommodate persons who are coming up.

“The MV Adriana has a bit more in terms of luxury and accommodation…we will speak with him for packages in terms of Spicemas.

The GTA CEO told this newspaper that they are also speaking with airlines to help facilitate transportation to the island for this year’s Spicemas.

“We’ll also be speaking to LIAT and Caribbean Airlines as well to explore the possibility of increasing the airlift into Grenada at that time. You know one of the challenges that people have relates to the transportation and we want to make every effort to ensure that all persons that want to come are able to come, as we are expecting increasing numbers again this year for Spicemas,” Grant said.

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