Police make clean-up of St. George’s Market

Market SearchIn the face of mounting public criticisms of some of the activities taking place at the St. George’s Market Square, the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has raided the infamous area known as “Jam Rock”.

The operation took place last Friday – one week after a squabble among persons liming at Jam Rock ended in gunshots being fired and civilians having to scamper for cover and protection.

When the firing died down, three men had to be rushed to the St. George’s General hospital for treatment for injuries received from gunshots.

Confiscated itemsA police official told this newspaper that the raid on “Jam Rock” is intended to purge the area “of any and every illegal activity”.

The mid-afternoon police operation involved various arms of RGPF including the Criminal Investigation Department, Drug Squad, Rapid Response Unit, Special Services Unit, regular policing from Central Police Station with support coming from the Traffic Department, Praedial Larceny and Prosecution under the command of Superintendents of Police, Ted Toussaint and Vannie Curwen.

Some police officers were charged with the responsibility of searching for drugs and illegal items, while uniformed Police Officers checked bar operators for liquor licenses.

Confiscated Items 2Some persons were taken away in a waiting police van as they were allegedly found to be selling hard liquor without the relevant licence.

Shoe repair man at the market, Angelo Latham was arrested and charged for having in his possession 6.9 pounds of marijuana, while a number of alcoholic beverages were seized.

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