Former Commissioner to testify in Sgt. Peters PI

Former Commissioner of Police, Fitzroy Bedeau is one of the State witnesses that will be called to give evidence in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into fraud and money laundering case brought against Sergeant of Police, Adrian Peters.

Sgt. Peters  - makes his first appearance in court

Sgt. Peters – makes his first appearance in court

The charge was filed against the backdrop of a fall-out between Sgt. Peters and Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James on matters involving the operations of the Police Welfare Association (PWA).

Sgt. Peters who served as Instructor at the Police Training School is charged with two counts of money laundering, and two counts of fraud by false pretense arising from an investigation into his study leave abroad that ended in 2009.

The charges were laid by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), which is headed by Superintendent  of Police, Tafawa Pierre.

The middle-ranked Police Officer who is being represented by the Law Firm of Ramdhani and Associates appeared in court on Monday – one month after he was picked up and charged.

As he stood in the prisoner’s dock, all of the charges were read to him by Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill at the St. George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court.

The unshaven Sgt. Peters stood calmly in the prisoner’s dock as the charges, which are all indictable, were read to him.

Sgt. Peters is accused of defrauding the Government of Grenada the sum of $36,613.00 between June 1st 2005 and June 30th 2006.

He is also accused of committing money laundering between June 1st 2005 and June 30th 2006 by using the sum of $36,613.00.

The State has also accused Sgt. Peters of committing money laundering by using the sum of $2,188.00 between July 1st and May 31st 2008.

The other charge the Police Sergeant is accused of is defrauding the Government of Grenada some $82,188.00.

Partial disclosure of the case against the suspended policeman was given to the defense by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

DPP Christopher Nelson gave the Chief Magistrate assurances that at the next court date on June 28th full disclosure will be given to the defense.

As Chairman of the Police Welfare Association, Sgt. Peters led a fight against Acting Commissioner James and the hierarchy of the RGPF who refused to grant study leave to three Police Officers who were awarded government scholarships at St. George’s University (SGU).

Sgt  Peters reportedly took study leave to do a first-degree course in Cuba and completed it at Midwestern State University in the United Sates where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages.

Sgt Peters holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching Foreign Languages, Post Graduate Diplomas in Curriculum Development, School Administration and Testing.

The academically qualified police officer returned to the island during the reign of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration but was denied entry back into the force then under the command of Willan Thompson.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Commissioner Thompson was acting in accordance with legal advice tendered to him by the Chambers of the Attorney General and Solicitor-General.

With the change of government in February 2013, he was re-enlisted in RGPF in May 2013 under the current Acting Commissioner.

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