Laptop Stolen Inside Church

Pastor of the St. George’s Baptist Church, Stanford Simon is the victim of a robbery that took place at the church last week Saturday.

Pastor Simon – makes a desperate plea for the return of the laptop

Pastor Simon – makes a desperate plea for the return of the laptop

Pastor Simon used various segments of his four-hour Sunday Radio Programme to appeal to the public to assist him in locating his laptop, which was stolen from the church, located at the intersection of Springs and Belmont, St. George’s.

He described the laptop that is used to do all of his recordings for the various radio programmes as a black and silver Dell Computer driven by an Intel Chip.

According to the religious leader, his name is written all over the computer making it easy to identify.

“For those of you men or women who do repairs to computers… I am asking of you please, if such (computer) comes to you please hold it for me, and contact me… I really need that computer, I need the information on it,” he said.

Pastor Simon told his radio audience that he had to resort to a “makeshift” system in order to produce last Sunday’s radio afternoon programme.

“It took me quite a while to edit and do the things that I had to do, but it has been very, very troubling. It is very troubling when persons feel comfortable to come into a church and steal,” he said.

Pastor Simon told his audience that images lifted from cameras inside the church, although not clear, depict the individual who allegedly stole the computer as about five feet, six inches tall, very dark, has a mole and who would have had a cut on the left hand and left foot which has now turned into a growing flesh.

Theft of laptop has become rather common on the island in recent years.

Police sources have said that their intelligence point to some of the stolen items being shipped out of the country by the thieves to neighbouring St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

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