Student quiz government on promised tablets

An election campaign promise made in 2013 by the New National Party (NNP) when in opposition to provide tablets to school students remains unfulfilled.

The issue of the promised tablet was raised by a female student of St. Joseph’s Convent, Grenville when a government delegation headed by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell paid a recent visit to the school.

The female student brought up the topic to the delegation that included Education Minister Anthony Boatswain and senior officials from the Ministry of Education.

The question posed was: “The New National Party came into power and we (the students) were promised tablets to aid in our education. One year ago, Honourable Anthony Boatswain stated that it was readily available. My question here today is, ‘where are the tablets that we were promised and when will we receive it?’

Minister Boatswain responded with a hint that the provision of the tablets to students was the least of his government’s concern.

“The least of our concern is providing you with the tablets, we can do that tomorrow. That is not the concern that we do have now. There are far greater concerns that we have to deal with than just giving a child a tablet,” he said.

The senior government minister did not elaborate on the concerns currently occupying the attention of the 3-year old administration.

However, he said that fifty percent of the nation’s students already have “Smart Devices” in their possession that could be used.

“The question is, my friend, if I give you the tablet now, what would you do with it?” he asked.
A Grenadian religious leader living in Pennsylvania in the United States told this newspaper this week that he had submitted a proposal to government to help provide tablets in local schools but did not get the necessary support from the administration.

Rev. Terrence Griffith claimed that Ambassador Angus Friday in Washington was supportive of the project but the same cannot be said of PM Mitchell and Minister Boatswain. (see Page 26)
During a State visit to Grenada last year, Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro made a symbolic presentation of a laptop to Prime Minister Mitchell.

The cash-strapped government in Caracas has reportedly promised to provide the island with hundreds of tablets for the nation’s school children.

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