Draft Electricity Supply Customer Service Regulation

The Keith Mitchell-led government in St. George’s is facilitating a consultation on consumer rights with the island’s sole electricity provider, GRENLEC.

Head Table that facilitated Consultation

Head Table that facilitated Consultation

A consultation was held last week Wednesday at the Grenada Trade Centre focusing on the rights customers can have over GRENLEC under a Draft Electricity Supply Customer Service Regulation.

The government thought it necessary to get the feedback of consumers to ensure that going forward, their requests will be adhered to with utmost consideration.

The Customer Service Regulations are a set of standard terms and conditions that govern the provision of electricity service by the network licensee, which in this case is GRENLEC to its customers.

It will serve as a standard contract between the licensee and customers for the supply of electricity.

A presentation was made at the exercise by a consultant from the Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority (ECERA), Maxine Alexander Nestor told participants that the regulations will govern the terms and conditions of every supply of electricity to consumers by the network licensee.

She said the Customer Service Regulations will make provisions for an agreement between the customer and the network licensee.

This, according to Nestor, will ensure that there is a smooth transition of the electricity.

“Would there be attached to the schedule a sample of the agreement to create standardisation as to making sure that there is authority between the network provider and the customer. Rather than we just writing and asking and then the service you get, you can say well this is not exactly what I requested”, she said.

“So, whether there will be some schedule or some form as we seek to make the agreement very clear so that the consumer knows what he is getting and the network provider understands the request of the consumer,” she added.

Nestor stated that there is a section in the Customer Service Regulations, which speak, of customers also having the obligation to seek some form of protection in case of mishaps.
She cited the need for a document to be given by GRENLEC to customers to guide them as to the process that they can use if they have a dispute.

“GRENLEC must provide the consumer with that document on application for the supply of electricity. That document will have to be developed by GRENLEC and approved by the firm. Once dispute resolutions regulations are brought into effect which is another set of regulations that the Minister is required to make that will probably commence in developing draft regulations in due course”, she said.

“Until those regulations come into effect GRENLEC will have to develop a dispute regulation process, have it approved by the firm and the document will have to be supplied to every consumer once they apply for an electricity service and probably published in the newspapers for existing customers who are already with GRENLEC,” she remarked.

The consultation also continued at the Radisson Grand Beach Resort last week Thursday and Friday where participants discussed Electricity Safety, Authorisation and Rates and Standards.

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