Campbell receives U.S patent for invention

A Grenadian engineer working at the Caterpillar Global Engineering Development Division in North America, Hatuey Campbell has been awarded a United States Patent for an invention.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper understands that Campbell has invented an apparatus for measuring aeration in a hydraulic circuit.

Hatuey Campbell

Hatuey Campbell

In explaining his invention, the engineer said, “the device measures air ratio to oil in any hydraulic system using a specific technology and algorithm”.

“Think of your soda and all the carbon that appears when you pop the cork/cover. Those bubbles in engines can be very harmful overtime and can now be measured accurately”, he explained.

The patent is the result of research conducted on oils that are used in some of the largest and most powerful engines in the world.

Oils are critical to engine health and when bubbles become trapped in the lubrication system they can be detrimental to an engine’s health and performance.

The gasses can also affect how long the oil last before that next change.

The invention is capable of quantifying gas content that is present in oil thus providing beneficial technology that can lead to reduction in the gases present in the oils.

Campbell’s assignment at Caterpillar includes work in Emission Technology, Component Development, Validation and Testing.

This patent holder is the son of Gemma and Byron Campbell of Mt. Moritz, St. George and is married to Chantal Thomas Campbell from Annandale, St. George.

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