Budhlall calls on former soldiers to turn in guns

A former Lieutenant in the disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army (PRA), Kennedy Budhlall known by many as “KB” is calling on persons who still have guns that were used during the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution to turn them in.

Budhlall who was co-hosting a radio programme last Sunday made the call in light of the shooting-to-death  two weeks ago of Police officer, Daniel Edgar of La Potrie at the hands of civilian Kevon Downes in an area known as Mount Stanhope in St. Mark’s.

Corporal Edgar who is known in his hometown village as “Yellow man” had rushed to the area in light of a report that Downes had taken some people as hostage.

The policeman was shot at close range in his chest by Downes who was armed with an AK47 assault rifle.

The Russian-made gun was the weapon of choice used by members of the now disbanded People’s Revolutionary Army during the revolutionary period.

According to Budhlall, the AK47’s that have the red stripe are known as the combat weapon and can be considered as deadly.

“When it hits you, it poisons you,” said the ex-army officer who fell out with his revolutionary comrades and spent years in prison as a detainee.

“That is why I (am) calling on all who have the gun hide up, especially old PRA (to) give it up, call the police and say, ‘look man that is thing of the past,” he added.

The former Army Officer called on Acting Commissioner of Police, Winston James to declare another gun amnesty in order to get people still in possession of guns to hand them in.

He said the Revolution is a thing of the past, and if people are aware of where there are guns buried they should inform the Royal Grenada Police Force.

“Bring in all the old weapons you all hide out (including) what bury,” he told the programme.

The controversial figure was at a loss as to how the deadly assault weapon could have been in Downes’ possession since he would not have yet been born when the Revolution collapsed over 30 years ago.

Downes who was gunned down by police officers in a shoot-out was only 26 years old.
Recently a former Army Captain in the PRA, Peter David who is now a practicing attorney-at-law told a St. George’s Magistrate’s Court he would like to see all guns taken off the streets in Grenada.

David made the comment while making an application before Magistrate Tahira Gellineau for a group of men from St. Patrick’s who are charged with possession of firearms and ammunition.

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