St. David’s man sentenced for sexual related offences

A 30-year-old man from St. David was last week Wednesday ordered to spend the next seven (7) years and four (4) months of his life incarcerated at the Richmond Hill Prison for a string of sexual related offences.

Sex offender Thaddeus Creedland - being escorted from High Court No. 1 in St. George’s

Sex offender Thaddeus Creedland – being escorted from High Court No. 1
in St. George’s

In June 2015, Creedland was arrested and slapped with four (4) indictable charges including forcible detention, two (2) counts of indecent assault and one (1) count of sexual assault.

The charges arose from an incident that occurred in the La Sagesse, St. David area involving a female citizen of the United States.

In handing down the verdict, High court judge, Justice Shiraz Aziz, who presides over the St. George’s High Court No.1, sentenced Creedland to three (3) years and four (4) months on the first count, two (2) years and 4 (four) months for the second count, which is to run consecutive to the first count and five (5) years four (4) months for the third count to run concurrent to the sentence handed down for the second count.

The court was told that the victim arrived on the island five (5) days before the incident and was staying at a hotel in La Sagesse.

She told police investigators that Creedland attacked her while she was taking an early morning nature walk.

In outlining the facts of the case, State Prosecutor, Senior Crown Counsel Crisan Greenidge told the court that Creedland approached the victim from behind and requested to walk along with her so that they could talk.

The victim did not oblige and told Creedland that she would rather walk alone.

However, he did not leave her alone. Instead he reached out to touch her hand and assured her that he would not hurt her.

Eventually, the accused grabbed onto her right arm, covered her face with his hands to stifle her screams, dragged her into the bushes and slammed her against the ground.

He proceeded to masturbate on the victim and even penetrated her with his fingers.

The victim told police investigators that she feared for her life as she was intimidated and thought that he was going to kill her.

According to the victim’s impact statement the incident has left her traumatised and has affected her social life in a major way.

The State Prosecutor also directed the court to Creedland’s police record, which shows several previous offences including one of a similar nature.

This dates back to 2013 and Creedland was sentenced to two (2) years behind bars.

He was released from prison on February 20, 2015 and committed this offence just three and a half (3 ½) months later.

Creedland’s defense attorney Ashley Bernadine, argued that although his client has previous convictions, they were all at the Magisterial level.

He also contended that his client pleaded guilty to the string of offences at the first instance on January 28, 2016, and should be credited for such.

Bernadine told the court that, in spite of the emotional impact of the incident, the victim expressed empathy for Creedland in her victim impact statement.

The victim expressed a desire to have him punished for what he did to her, but she also encouraged him to get the necessary help and education so that he could get his life together.

Attorney Bernadine told the court that Creedland grew up in a single parent home with significant financial constraints.

He acknowledged that his client drinks alcohol and smokes ganja regularly and needs a lot of help with anger management.

“Looking at his background, he needs help (but) don’t lose him (in jail),” Bernadine told the court.

Justice Aziz assured the Attorney that he will not lose his client in jail and took into consideration that Creedland’s actions could have been under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

However, he told Creedland that his actions were an infringement of standard sociable behaviour, noting that the victim was forcibly detained.

The judge also ordered Creedland to receive treatment from Social Services and to participate in all courses available in addressing sexual offenders.

The accused was also credited for the 311 days already spent on remand in prison and received full credit for his guilty plea.

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