Government to secure tourists sites

Effective May 1, a number of country’s tourist sites will be equipped with security presence, an action taken by government to increase the sense of security and safety for both locals and visitors.

One of the sites to have security presence soon

One of the sites to have security presence soon

Minister of Economic Development, Planning, Trade, Co-operatives and International Business, Oliver Joseph announced this Tuesday at the hosting of the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing.

The areas to be secured are Grand Etang Forest Reserve, Levera National Park, Bathway Beach, Fort Mathew, Fort Frederick, La Sagesse Beach, Mt Camel Waterfall, Seven Sisters Waterfall, Tuscan Hall Waterfall, Clabone Sulphur Spring, Pearl’s Airport and Amerindian Sites, Concord Waterfall, Annandale Waterfall, Lake Antoine, BBC Beach and Leapers Hill.

According to Minister Joseph, this is not a first time initiative by government since the world renowned Grand Anse Beach has a security presence.

However, he said for the 15 sites listed, this will be the first time, they will have a security presence both day and night.

“The areas that (have been) identified, it will be for the first time. For the very first time we have decided to invest money in securing these sites day and night. They will be secured so that people going to these sites can feel safe. So it’s a new initiative taken by this government”, he told reporters.

“…They would all be trained and certified. Civilians have powers too; I am not sure to what extent the powers they would have but the intention is once you have a security presence there, people would feel safe on the site,” he said.

The move comes against the backdrop of the murder and rape in January of an American woman, Jessica Colker on an isolated beach close to the La Sagesse Beach.

Dave Benjamin of Coals Gap, St David has been charged by police with Capital Murder for the incident.

Benjamin made another appearance before Magistrate Karen Noel on Monday as the Preliminary Inquiry into the case continues at the St. David’s Magistrate’s Court.

Two witnesses took the stand on Monday. Another 14 more witnesses are expected to be called by the Prosecution to give evidence in the case.

The Preliminary Inquiry is due to continue on April 25.

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