Job losses possible through C&W and Flow merger

Speculation is rife that there might be some job losses as a result of the official merger between Cable and Wireless Communications PLC and Columbus Communications INC.

Country Manager, James Pitt and Head of Consumer Sales Lorraine Mitchell at media conference

Country Manager, James Pitt and Head of Consumer Sales Lorraine Mitchell at media conference

The issue was raised by reporters during the official launch ceremony held last Friday at the Radisson Grand Beach Resort in which the new Flow brand replaced both the former LIME and Flow brands.

New Country Manager of Flow, James Pitt was specifically asked about job losses as a result of the coming together of the two companies.

Pitt said the company anticipates that there will be some changes in Human Capital.

He pointed out that in an effort to assess properly the issue of cutting jobs, the “partners” will be engaged in looking at the plan to go forward, keeping in mind the impact it would have on those who might be affected.

“It’s one (a discussion) that I must have as leader of the business here, a strong stake in ensuring that we do right (with) our colleagues. It’s how we treat our colleagues, our people, it’s not just something we put on a plaque on a wall but it’s something that we live and so we are in the early step. We have some due processes and engaging our union partners etc as we go forth,” he said.

Pitt indicated that it was much too early for him to say the extent of the changes that will be made.

“So it’s a little bit premature for me to publicly say some of the changes that are going to happen but we reassure you that it’s going to be done maintaining the dignity of all, maintaining the focus and building the right team with the right capabilities to serve the customer,” he said.

According to Pitt, whatever changes are made should not be looked at negatively.

“We’ve seen changes in our organisation in the past that persons loosely say, well we have job cuts. What I think often get mixed in the discussion is that we’ve had job creation”, he said.

“… So it’s not an issue when we have human resource changes … but sometimes it’s just a shift to create oganisations that build expertise to not only serve us, but serve the wider country and even the wider region,” he added.

ECTEL, which is the regional body responsible for regulating the industry in the Eastern Caribbean, has not given its stamp of approval to the LIME/FLOW merger.

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