Transfer of inmates to Rehab Centre

Minister of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs, Emmalin Pierre has said that the Ministry of Youth is not directly involved in the process that is undertaken to transfer an inmate from Her Majesty’s Prison to the Grand Bacolet Rehab Centre.

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex on Tuesday, the Minister said while the Centre falls under the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry itself does not have full control over the placement of persons.

According to Minister Pierre, it is the Judiciary that is particularly involved in the process of transfer of offenders from the prison to the centre.

“Movement of persons from Her Majesty’s Prison to anywhere is something that the Ministry cannot manage and of course there are persons by law who can manage and make certain decisions”, she said.

Describing it as a “a process”, the female government minister
warned that “no one can just remove you and put you somewhere else. We are working with the process and we are working with the law.

“…The law obviously will deal with the who can. So for example …. government alone cannot make a decision like that”, she added.

According to Minister Pierre, the Ministry of Legal Affairs is working along with the Ministry of Social Development to ensure that all requirements are followed in regard to placing people at the home.

The rehab centre now houses two residents.

Minister Pierre referred to a specific case in which a young man who was a resident of the Father Maligan home is now serving time at Her Majesty’s Prison.

She said that these cases often come up for discussions at the weekly Cabinet meetings.

“…One of the things that came out very strongly in the discussions is that the capacity of the staff (at the Rehab Centre) would have to be improved and supported to deal with a number of those cases.

“For example, there are some cases you think you just might refer to a Counselor but it might be far more than a Counselor and we are realising that more and more there is need for professional support in dealing with so many of those cases.

Minister Pierre disclosed that Cabinet has taken a decision to offer support to the Ministry of Social Development in whatever way possible to help remedy situations affecting young people.

Government instituted the Bacolet Rehabilitation Centre to provide an alternative to young people who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

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