Spicemas to be showcased in Trinidad

Spicemas 2016 is scheduled to be launched in Trinidad before the end of the month, according to Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood.

During a recent post-Cabinet press briefing, Sen. Hood disclosed that a team of persons will be traveling to Trinidad for the launch on April 26.

A large number of Trinidadians travel every year to Grenada for its annual Carnival, which climaxes on August 8-9.

The Culture Minister announced the annual Carnival City will belaunched on June 2.

This year the Tanteen Tennis Court will be used for the weekly activity, which serves as build up to carnival.

Carnival City was last held in the yard of nearby Public Workers Union Building.

Sen. Hood said the shift in venue is due to the fact that the activity has expanded and the organisers want to have it take on a different format.

Sen. Hood also made a passionate plea for people to come out in their numbers to support this year’s Panorama event.

She applauded the number of children who are among the panists on panorama night.

“When you engage young people in activities such like those – music, culture in general, they focus well, they are very disciplined, and they are able to do what is necessary.

“So I would like to encourage Grenadians to come out and give their full support to the panists when they have Panorama this year.

Of the three major events leading up to the street parades in August, the Panorama has been the least successful financially for the Spicemas Corporation.

The Culture Minister also praised the move made by the Steel Band Association in hosting monthly pan concerts throughout the island to attract more performs to the artform.

Sen. Hood believes this would have served as an encouragement for people to have a better understanding of the steel band movement.

She also announced that a series of workshop is planned for April and May for stakeholders.

In recent years, there has been a rocky relationship between the Spicemas Corporation and stakeholders who often complain about the scant courtesy and respect shown to panists.

Sen. Hood gave assurances that they will be working to improve that relationship in an effort to achieve a team approach to make things happen.

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