One-Year Old Sexually Molested

A one-year girl child from the island of Carriacou could be considered as being the youngest victim to be sexually assaulted in Grenada.

Rohn Morain – the man from the sister isle accused of interfering with a one year old girl child

Rohn Morain – the man from the sister isle accused of interfering with a one year old girl child

Police have arrested Rohn Morain who is said to be a close acquaintance of the child in connection with the offence.

Morain was arrested and charged last week Friday by Police Officers attached to the Carriacou Police Station for the alleged offense of indecent assault.

The 19-year old construction worker from Grand Bay, Carriacou was placed on $10,000 bail on Monday with two sureties.

He is due to make another court appearance on May 18.

During Tuesday’s weekly Cabinet Press Briefing, Minister of Youth Emmalin Pierre commented on the state of sexual offenses in the country.

Minister Pierre called for a lot more to be done with the children who are seen as targets of sex offenders, and also a lot more for the schools, homes and Churches.

She said she is extremely concerned about what is described as “home,” which she believes that in a lot of cases is a dangerous place to be.

While many people are clamouring for a national sex offenders registry, the Youth Minister said she is not sure that a registry will solve the problem that currently exists.

She, however, quickly added that she has no problem in having a registry, but she strongly believes “we have to dig deeper into the problem.”

“I strongly believe that people must pay (for the crime that they commit), but I also think that in addition to that, we cannot take a reactive approach only, we have to continue to place most emphasis on the proactive,” she said.

Minister Pierre stated that in order to tackle the problem it requires all stakeholders to come together to find a reason to work together.

“Let us come together to seriously define that this (sex offenses of minors) has to stop… and that together we’re going to find (a) solution,” she said.

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