No fire truck in St. Patrick

Statement issued by the Deputy Political Leader of the National Democratic Congress and Caretaker for St. Patrick West, Joseph Andall on the recent fires in the parish:

As caretaker of the National Democratic Congress for the St. Patrick’s West constituency, I am concerned about the recent spate of fires in the parish but more so, the lack of a Fire Engine.

According to the reports in the last few weeks, three business places have been destroyed by fire in the area of Mt. Rich, River Sallee and Rose Hill, in each case, the Sauteurs fire station was unable to respond.

This resulted in the need for outside assistance from Gouyave and Grenville in order to control the spreading fires.

While in these situations, team work from neighbouring constituencies should be encouraged, the problem is that the added time and distance it takes for a fire truck to arrive at the location of a fire, it will already be largely out of control

This, considering the fact that we are in an excessive dry season is unacceptable and I therefore recommend that immediate steps be taken to:

(1). Ensure that there is at least one fire truck in the parish of St. Patrick.

(2). That regular checks and maintenance be performed on all fire hydrants in the parish

(3). That all parishioners continue to conserve water in this intense dry season

I further call on all members responsible to take more and the necessary actions in minimising any chance for a re-occurrence of this situation in future as it can pose a serious threat to Life, Business Properties, the Community and Country on a whole.

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