Change of Directors at GTA

Two new Directors have been appointed to the state-influenced Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) with effect from April 1 as replacement for outgoing Chairman, Richard Strachan and Deputy Chairperson, Shadel Nyack-Compton.

Simon Greene - new Chairman of the Tourism Authority

Simon Greene – new Chairman of the Tourism Authority

The new head of the Board of Directors is Simon Greene while Rodney George takes up the position of new Deputy.

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing at the Ministerial Complex on Tuesday, Minister of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs, Emmalin Pierre, said the working tenure of the two Directors expired on December 31st, 2015 but they continued to give service into 2016.

“In the case of the two individuals they would have agreed that they are going to continue until the 31st of March based on the work that they would have started but they have clearly indicated long before taking the appointment that they would only be able to serve for two years and that period would have expired,” she told reporters.

THE NEW TODAY understands that there is division among the Board of Directors with some members not supportive of another contract for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO),  Barbadian Rudy Grant.

When Grant contract expired, he was kept on a month-to-month basis for several months.

This newspaper is not sure whether another contract was offered to him.

Some staff members of GTA have left the body to take up employment with a tourism entity in Dominica, which is trying to make progress in the industry.

As the Minister welcomed the new board members, she thanked the former board for their service.

“We wanna thank Mrs. Nyack Compton for her service and Mr. Strachan for his service and I’m quite sure you would have agreed that they would have made a valuable contribution to the development of the authority over the period of service”, she said.

“…The two persons, Mr. Strachan and Mrs. Compton would have also committed that in any other way that they can provide service based on their schedule and their availability, they remain committed to providing service to this government as it relates to the tourism sector and its development,” she added.

In recent years, tourism has surpassed agriculture as the leading money earner for the island’s economy and employment opportunities for locals.

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