SAASS – 71 years as an educational institution

It’s a major milestone for the St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School (SAASS) which turned 71 this past week.

Some past students who attended the assembly

Some past students who attended the assembly

The school started off in 1945 from a small upper room on Victoria and Albert Streets in Grenville with a staff of three teachers and a student population of forty-one.

Today,  SAASS has thirty-nine teachers and 678 students at its present location at Telescope.

This learning institution has grown to become one of the most renowned in Grenada and has been the first to accomplish many feats.

SAASS was the first co-educational secondary school established in Grenada. Its first Principal was Sir. S.H. Graham.

The school celebrated 71 years of existence on  Sunday, April 10, 2016, and on Monday, past and present students, teachers and principals came together to celebrate that accomplishment.

This was marked by an extraordinary assembly which was held under the theme “Following the path of our visionary founding fathers”.

There were highlights of the school’s history and talents and skills of “SAASSITES”.

Afi Fletcher addressing the assembly

Afi Fletcher addressing the assembly

Among those present were, graduate from the first class Dr. Kenneth Buckmire, West Indies Women Cricketer Afi Fletcher, and 4 times CARIFTA Javelin Gold Medalist Selwyn Smith who encouraged the current students to continue to uphold the high standards of the school.

Current Principal, Dianne Abel-Jeffrey encouraged the students to use the school’s rich history as the impetus to propel themselves higher as they continue to create history.

She encouraged the students to maintain high moral standards and virtues and concluded by expressing appreciation for the support from the various stakeholders.

Manager of the school, Fr. Michael Marshall implored the students to continue to strive toward success and to strive to foster closer relationships with God.

He used the opportunity to commend the school on its most recent Inter-col victory which is another first.

SAASS has become the first school to have won 20 inter-col championships.

As SAASS continues to celebrate its 71 years of existence the Principal and staff say thanks to all who have contributed to its successes and accomplishments throughout the years.

SAASS looks forward to continued good relationships with all stakeholders as it continues to sail.
Celebrations will climax on Sunday with a church service at the Grenville Anglican Church.

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