Police intercept shipment of Cocaine

Quick action by members of the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force has prevented the shipment of a quantity of cocaine from leaving Grenada through a shipping agency last week Tuesday.

THE NEW TODAY understands that a parcel containing the illegal substance, weighing 5.5 ounces, was intercepted by law enforcement officials last Monday.

Mikkel Milkson is in more trouble with the law

Mikkel Milkson is in more trouble with the law

The parcel allegedly belongs to Mikkel Milkson of Darbeau, St. George’s.

The suspect who was detained by Police last Wednesday is now facing a charge of attempt to export the illegal substance, and possession of a controlled drug.

The new charges come less than a month after Milkson was charged by police with possession and trafficking of 70 pounds of marijuana.

The accused has retained Attorney-at-Law, Peter David to represent his interest in the case.

Police Prosecutor Kerry Swan refrained from challenging the bail application put forward by David before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour, Tamara Gill.

Minutes before the case was called, Swan who is a Police Constable was heard telling David that he (the lawyer) had already fired off all of his shots on behalf of the accused.

The Police Prosecutor was making reference to the strong bail application David had put forward for Milkson in connection with the previous drug-related case.

Attorney David, however, drew Magistrate’s Gill attention to the other previous matter that is scheduled to come before her next month.

The Chief Magistrate decided to remand Milkson to Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill, St. George’s as he already has the other drug-related matter pending.

The drug suspect is due back in court on May 19.

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