PBC wins Knowledge Bowl again!!!

The defending champion Presentation Brothers’ College (PBC) retained their title and earned an impressive three-peat victory in Season 11 of the SGU Knowledge Bowl.

Presentation Brothers College - winners of SGU Knowledge Bowl

Presentation Brothers College – winners of SGU Knowledge Bowl

In an intensely contested battle, the final match of the competition took place on April 9 at St. George’s University’s Charter Hall.

For the second time in a row the boys in green faced off against their neighbouring rivals, and three-time champions, the ladies of St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s (SJC).

Adding to the excitement of the competition this season was the introduction of a ‘double elimination’ format, which requires that a team must lose twice in order to be removed from the tournament.

Coming into the finals SJC was undefeated, having beaten PBC earlier in the competition. However, after 6 rounds of grueling battle it was the defending champions who once again emerged victorious.

“First of all I would like to honour our opponents. I think the quality of the performance of the young ladies from SJC drew the best out of our boys,” said PBC Principal, Dominic Jeremiah.

“With the help of their coaches, the boys worked very hard and were able to overcome adversity in order to get to this final match. As a school we are very happy about this victory and we will savor the sweetness of this for a long time to come”, he added.

The five-time champions achieved their first victory in 2010 and won again in 2012, followed by three consecutive wins in 2014, 2015 and now 2016.

Already the school with the most wins in the history of the competition; these last 3 consecutive wins have earned them the distinction of being the first team to retain the coveted Knowledge Bowl Challenge Trophy.

“I’ve never felt as emotional as I do now in any of the other finals we’ve been in and won,” said Coach Mervale Abraham.

PBC boys in celebratory mood after lifting the cup

PBC boys in celebratory mood after lifting the cup

“For some reason this win is even more special. The boys did a remarkable job and went beyond the help of my training by working together as a group after school and by themselves at home. Hats off to them and I feel like I can safely retire on top as the winningest coach in Knowledge Bowl history”, he remarked.

For their school, the PBC team earned $15,000 cash from St. George’s University and the right to keep the Knowledge Bowl Challenge trophy; having won three years in a row.

Additionally, each of the five team members – Justin Aban, Kunta Andall, Phylmon Charles, Oronfo Ikolo, and Jason Phillip – received a laptop and six months complimentary broadband service from FLOW, their choice of $500 in a Super Starter or Honey Bee account from Grenada Co-operative Bank, a certificate of distinction and a supply of Lucozade.

Their dedicated coaches were each awarded a tablet and six months complimentary broadband service from FLOW and $500 credited to a Grenada Co-operative Bank account.

“We felt a profound happiness when the match was finally over and we knew we’d won. All of our training and hard work had paid off,” said an emotional Jason Phillip, PBC’s Team Captain.

“To my fellow teammates, we were friends before but now we’re like brothers. We’ve formed a very strong support system and this experience has not only helped us prepare for our future exams, it has also helped us to become better individuals”, he added.

Now in its 11th year of competition, SGU Knowledge Bowl continues to encourage and promote friendly competition between Grenada’s secondary schools maintaining its title as the “Intercol of Academia.”

The high profile quiz competition serves as an excellent preparatory tool for which many participants have gone on to excel in the CSEC exams and through the involvement of its corporate partners the success of SGU Knowledge Bowl is testimony of their commitment to community development.

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