Impressive record by SGU

As it celebrates its 40th anniversary year, St George’s University (SGU) in Grenada has highlighted the significant contribution it has made to training medical professionals from Commonwealth countries.

Newly released figures show that more than a fifth – 21 per cent (2,712) – of the university’s 13,132 medical graduates are from 41 countries of the Commonwealth.

Furthermore SGU highlighted that many hail from developing nations including Trinidad and Tobago, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya and Botswana.

The University is a top centre of international education which trains physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and public health and business professionals, drawing students from across the globe to the Caribbean.

President and Chief Executive Officer of SGU, Dr Richard Olds, said: “We are extremely proud of these figures – they highlight the significant number of medical professionals we have trained across scores of Commonwealth countries and our commitment to education in the developing world.”

“We face a number of challenges in global medicine today and a shortage of physicians is just one of these. One such way SGU wants to help address this is by attracting students from developing countries and encouraging them to return to their home countries as qualified medical practitioners”, he added.

SGU’s Dean of Clinical Studies UK, Rodney Croft, also commented, saying: “Confirmation that 21 per cent of our medical graduates are from 41 of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth truly is an outstanding achievement. It represents our continued contribution to improved provision of healthcare in these countries.

“As UK Dean I am also particularly proud that a great many of these students have, over the last 37 years, received clinical training at SGU’s UK NHS affiliated hospitals which is a huge tribute to UK Clinical Faculty both past and present.”

SGU has a longstanding commitment to encouraging students from Commonwealth countries to study at the University, and testament to this is the Commonwealth Jubilee Scholarship Programme established in 2012.

The scholarship program provides opportunities to academically gifted students with limited resources, helping them reach their potential through the provision of scholarships across five programmes – Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Master of Public Health, Master of Business Administration and School of Arts and Sciences.

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