Heritage Month highlights corn and its uses

The biggest highlight of Heritage Month 2016 is the corn and folklore festival that will seek to bring to light every local way used in the preparation of the corn.

Organisers of Heritage Month at Press Conference

Organisers of Heritage Month at Press Conference



The festival will be held at the St. George’s Market Square on April 24, an area that holds a lot of history for Grenada.

Speaking at a media conference at the Ministerial Complex, Minister of Culture, Senator Brenda Hood, described Heritage Month activity as an event that everyone should attend.

“We are aware, we all should know that the Market Square is where a lot of activities took place. This is where they exchange and sold the slaves many years ago and there is a great rich heritage there … so it’s going to be an activity to be remembered,’ she said.

According to Minister Hood, there are many heritage sites in Grenada that people ought to be familiar with.

“Throughout the length and breadth of Grenada our cultural heritage is unbelievable. I think that ….many persons are not aware of what we have to offer and you cannot protect what you don’t know and therefore building awareness is key,” she said.

Chairperson of the planning committee for Heritage Month, Ann-Marie Marryshow indicated what persons could expect at the festival.

“There is going to be all that is corn, everything that is corn, even the persons from the Saraca who will do the Cou Cou in their big copper pot, they will be there. All the people who do the big boil corn, they will be there and they will be showcasing how it was done in ancient days. Corn was one of our staple products and we are going to use it to bring back the memories to our young children who will take the heritage into the future,” she said.

The theme designated for this year’s celebration of Heritage Month is: Our Country, Our Heritage, Our Future”.

The activities of the month began on April 1 with a tour to the east coast of the island, with over 100 school children who travelled all the way to experience the ancient Saraca.

There will be another tour on the west coast of the island on April 18th followed by a visit of the Sister Isle of Carriacou for the Maroon Festival, as well as a number of talk shows throughout the month.

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