Cheaper LPG gas to hit the market before the end of April

April 26 is the official date given for PetroCaribe 20 pound cylinder gas to hit the local market.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the gas will be sold at $37 per tank, compared to the $42.00 from other leading suppliers on the island.

The issue was addressed at Tuesday’s weekly post-Cabinet press briefing by senior government minister, Oliver Joseph and Chairman of the PetroCaribe Board, Accountant-General, Ambrose Louis Obike.

The gas product is part of a wider agreement between the governments of Grenada and Venezuela for the supply of petrol products.

Eleven years ago, Caracas started supplying diesel to St. George’s through the PetroCaribe arrangement that was signed with several Caribbean islands.

This diesel is being used only by Grenlec to help power the nation.

The PetroCaribe Chairman said that first time buyers would spend $102 to have the gas in their homes.

“The cylinder deposit that we are looking for is just $50. When you buy our cylinder you would be getting the hose and the regulator and it is going for just $15, both the regulator and the hose”, he said. “…The liquid in our bottles is going for $37. So for a first time buyer, with $102… a person can get a filled bottle with the accessories. When you finish your first and you want a refill, you will only pay $37 for now,” he added.

However, the gas would be sold at an additional cost of $9 for sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique due to freight charges.

According to Obike, there is a 20-year warranty on the cylinder as stated in writing by the manufacturer.

“Our bottles look like plastic, they are not really plastics. They are fiberglass. You would see there is something like a V on the bottles – this is a way of you being able to see the liquid in the bottle.

“Our cylinders – you can see whether it is sealed up to the brim, it is going down and when its finished…that is one advantage because many a times persons buy gas, they don’t know how empty or how sealed up it is.

“…When it is filled, our bottles are about half the weight of the traditional metal bottles… the result is a pregnant woman can with one hand carry a filled 20 pound bottle. Our bottles are equally fire proof, if our house is on fire, our bottle will collapse, it will not explore. You can shoot with a gun on a filled gas bottle, it will not penetrate; it will collapse.

Obike disclosed that the second phase of the LPG project will commence in one month with the running of a pipeline from the plant at Queen’s Park to the sea opposite the stadium to connect with transporting vessels.

“…As our stock come by ship we can pump it as we do pump the diesel presently because what we have been doing is to transport it from the ports by road to the plant to be filled but very soon it will be  history,” he said.

Obike indicated that there are no plans to compete with the current suppliers, Rubis and Sol but to collaborate with them on the supply of LPG gas to local consumes.
However, he quickly answered in the affirmative that the cost will be increased after a specific time.

Minister of Economic Development, Planning, Trade, Co-operatives and International Business, Oliver Joseph sought to assure the nation that arrangements have been made to ensure that the country is always well supplied with propane gas.

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