Two Years in jail for Fraudster

A 48-year old man who operates a mobile garage in St. Mark’s has to spend the next two years of his life incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Prisons at Richmond Hill, St. George’s.

Leroy Andrew - Sentenced to 2 years in jail

Leroy Andrew – Sentenced to 2 years in jail

Leroy Andrew of Duquense, St. Mark’s on March 14 pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud, but sentencing was reserved by Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill to April 4.

Magistrate Gill imposed a two-year sentence on each of the two fraud charges that were laid on Andrew for a driver’s license scheme in which he was implicated.

The charges are to run concurrently and are to take effect from the time the convicted man was on remand.

Andrew who claimed to be a Sergeant of Police collected money from a number of persons who were illegally seeking to obtain license to drive on the nation’s road network and from others wanting to have their licenses upgraded to a “G” status.

Police Investigators were able to confiscate 76 passport pictures from Andrew and believe that the convicted man’s plan to scam the people was well calculated.

Andrew admitted to having collected $1,800 from one of his victims for a license which he did not produce.

The offences were committed shortly after Andrew was released from prison last year after serving six months.

Within months of his release, the accused accepted money from two of his victims in July and October to assist them with obtaining a driver’s license.

Magistrate Gill informed the court that she would not be awarding compensation to the two victims, Kenrick McQueen and Martin Joseph.

Andrew who is a father and grandfather and testifies to now attending church maintains that it was not him alone who was involved in the license scam.

He did not give the name/s of others during his appearances in court.

Andrew has 18 previous convictions with the last being in 2014.

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