Murray Charged with Capital Murder

A charge of Capital Murder has been slapped on 44-year old Demlyn Murray of Simon, St Andrew in connection with the death of 15-year old Britney Baptiste of Good Hope in St George’s.

Murder accused Demlyn Murray leaving the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court

Murder accused Demlyn Murray leaving the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court

Murray, known as Dumplin, made his first court appearance last Thursday at the St George’s No.1 Magistrate’s Court, dressed in a black trouser and grey shirt.

The accused stood before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill without legal representation and was later remanded to her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill.

The victim, who attended the Happy Hill Secondary School, is the sister of Murray’s wife.

Residents in the small village told THE NEW TODAY that “Dumplin” became a suspect when it became clear that Britney had gone missing.

A close relative said that the accused was due to appear in court within a matter of days to answer a charge of rape brought by police against him involving Britney.

He told this newspaper that because of poverty, the student was forced to live in the same yard with her brother-in-law who had allegedly raped her.

He felt that the State should have intervened and taken the necessary steps to keep the two of them as far apart as possible in light of the upcoming court case.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the 15 year old left home on March 19 (Saturday) to visit a sister in Beaulieu, St George and many did not realise that she had returned to the village.

One of the villagers reportedly saw her walking towards her home sometime around 10.00 p.m but her mother claimed that she did not enter the house.

According to the source, Dumplin’s wife confronted him and asked whether he had not done anything to her sister.

He denied knowing anything about her.

However, the wife reported that the husband did something unusual on the night by choosing to sleep on the floor and not in the same bed with her.

He was said to be sweating profusely and sometime in the course of the night the wife asked him what was wrong and whether he wanted her to make some hot tea for him.

Approximately 24 hours after the body was discovered, Murray was arrested and taken into custody for questioning at the St. Paul’s Police station.

The police investigators questioned him about some visible scratches that were seen around the area of his neck.

Murray, who is not a stranger to the police and has a criminal record, did not co-operate with the lawmen, refusing to admit to committing the crime.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the State has agreed to look towards DNA testing to further help in tightening the case of murder brought against Murray.

Sources within the prison told this newspaper that a few Prison officers approached Murray on the death of Britney but he kept his mouth shut.

The Prosecution intends to call no less than five (5) witnesses in the case against the accused, including mother of the deceased, Theresa Baptiste.

Murray is due to return to court on April 14.

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